Tyler Boone Lays it All Out With New Smash Single “Jealousy”!

Born in South Carolina, Tyler Boone has become an integral member of the Charleston community, as he co-founded the Charleston Songwriters Festival. Having previously worked on the city's First Flush Festival, he was familiar with staging large-scale shows. When the ever-energetic Luke Pierce contacted him about creating another festival, Boone's response was a resounding yes. Working with a small but well-connected team, the first-year lineup boasted John Paul White and Will Hoge, among others. Though it's uncertain at the time of this writing if there will be a second year, Boone remains fond of the endeavour. 

Jumping into the song, Tyler Boone’s “Jealousy” is everything you want from a Blues inspired Rock song and so is the music video. It’s rare that in this day and age, the visuals match the lyrical theme super well and Boone hits it here. Given by the name of the song, “Jealousy” is pretty self explanatory and it’s a great thing. The song speaks to being jealous in a relationship and the video shows how the outcome of that could result in the crumbling end of a dating scenario. The song is driven by heavy Blues/ Rock guitar work and is also paired up with the gutsy but very well delivered vocal performance of Tyler Boone. Tone wise, the guitar work is incredible and reminds the ears of The Gaslight Anthem’s last album, “Get Hurt”. By the time the chorus hits, you feel the story more than ever and you’re brought to a time and place where you were in the same position that Tyler Boone May have found himself in while being naturally inspired for “Jealousy”. All and all, a great Rock song with a great music video to accompany. Also be on the lookout for Boone’s Burbon! The drink that is brought to us by Tyler Boone. More music to be coming from this South Carolina Rocker so be sure to keep up to date. 

Check out "Jealousy" here.