Tyler Boone Signs Label Deal With AntiFragile Music Amid New Release of "Paper Wings (MAJ Remix)"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

Born and raised in Charleston, SC, Tyler Boone is an advancing Pop artist in the midst of propelling his artistic career! Already having opened for artists such as Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers, and Christopher Cross, Tyler Boone delivers an astounding and unique sound.  The past few years have been dedicated to expanding and transforming his approach to music, and now Tyler Boone is ready to showcase all it is he has to offer the Pop community.

Tyler Boone always has a way of creating an almost magical environment for his listeners. Tyler Boone sets a high standard, especially in his latest release "Paper Wings (MAJ Remix)".  The song offers lyrics that tell a story filled with many positivities. Tyler Boone knows how to make the listening experience comfortable and filled with introspection. Production is designed to provide a Deep House melody, combined with a vast array of pop elements.  Tyler Boone's vocals shine when components are paired. We know we can expect a quality sound with an intriguing production from Tyler.  Success is inherent in the music of Tyler Boone, and so we're keeping our ears peeled for upcoming releases.

Tyler Boone will be performing at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on February 29. Grab your tickets here and check out Tyler Boone's "Paper Wings (WAJ Remix)" on Spotify.