Tyler Hutton Brings His Modern Rock and Roll Roots to His Latest EP 'Thanks to You'

Tyler Hutton recently shared with us his latest EP 'Thanks To You' and we are in love with it. Overall as an EP, it's got a very modern Rock and Roll feel; it has classic swagger and vibe but also sounds like something that can hold its own with current music.

The opening song is the title track "Thanks To You" and it is a track that you can not afford to miss out on it. It opens up with a beautiful call and response guitar lick, almost ragtime piano riffs, and punchy high energy acoustic drums. When Tyler's unique voice comes in it immediately grabs your attention, keeping to his style the vocals feel very warm as if they are being sung in front of you. The following tune "Echoes" turns up the tempo, it is something that you can immediately hear in a classic club and have a crowd dancing to on the floor. This song has a lovely guitar solo in it that shows off what Tyler is capable of, it sings as if it was another voice, leading perfectly to the B section of the song which feels like an epic tribute to what rock music is all about. The third song on the EP "Help You" tames it back in the form of a ballad. It is perfect to slow dance to and features a newly introduced Hammond organ that sweeps our hearts. There's a slightly melancholy feel to this one, almost like something you can sulk to but also dance? It works well to paint the picture Tyler is creating. "Help You" shows off the raspier side of Tyler's voice and it works perfectly for this, it's nothing aggressive but still smooth and contributes to the overall feeling. The fourth song "Seas Catch Fire" keeps the tempo down but now introduces a Rhodes piano playing beautiful rocking melodies. Once the chorus kicks in, however, the tempo picks up and the drums and guitar are back in, giving a lovely rocking bluesy vibe. The song from here bounces back and forth between feeling more down and picking it up in the chorus, it's the perfect balance of energy. The final song "Sometime (I'll Make Your Proud)" brings the tempo up for an epic closing finale. This one is much more in line with being a classic Rhythm and Blues track, it has the iconic, piano, expert guitar lines, and the vocals that you can not help but sing out loud with.

Overall as an EP, this is something that everyone would find something that they will enjoy. Each song transitions into each other wonderfully perfectly sculpting the dynamics to create an evolving rollercoaster of emotion. There aren't elements of there being too much slow or fast, there's a balance here that keeps you entertained throughout. The instrument parts of this release don't ever get in the way of Tyler's vocals, really showing how well everything was written. From the big opening and closing songs to the softer feeling middle songs, this is something that has us wanting more of what Tyler can do.

Listen to Tyler Hutton's new EP 'Thanks to You' here.

Hey Tyler Hutton! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Wow, what an EP! How did you manage to create something that's both classic Rock and Roll and current? What was the production and recording process for this like?

Thank you, I appreciate it! Well as for Rock and Roll that is mostly what I listen to and am influenced by. For any modern touch, you hear I have the producers to thank, Jeff Bakos and Jeff Barnes. I tend to always want things to sound old and like whichever classic recording I have in mind when I am producing my own stuff and it ends up sounding a bit dated to some, so I was grateful that they found the right balance and didn't indulge me too much. I also had some fantastic studio musicians on board (Kenny Cresswell, Noah Pine, and Ted Lethangue) which helped! We tracked it over two weeks in Atlanta back in 2016, very relaxed and fun atmosphere and we ate a lot of Chick-fila and Gyro Wraps. Funny story, I actually wasn't planning to release it and had forgotten all about it when a friend staying with me came across the masters and convinced me to.

Every song off of the EP has its unique flair that contributes to the whole story, what was your inspiration for each song? Did you have any influences that you looked to?

This group of songs I actually had written to be performed by a band I was in at the time and they did get played live often in a much different way than they ended up being recorded which was cool. I remember the title track I had written after revisiting my favorite album, Revolver by The Beatles, one evening. Hence the Sitar and what I thought was a Lennon-esque melody. "Echoes" was initially an organ-heavy song with the original arrangement doing a Doors/"Light My Fire" kind of thing for the intro. It is funny to me that it became this Post-Punk/Elvis Costello sounding thing in the studio because I have never extensively listened to him but people often say they hear him as an influence in my music. I wrote "Help You" while sitting on the porch at a friend's house on a rare Los Angeles rainy day. That little guitar rhythm seemed to match the falling rain. The jam at the end was my little impromptu tribute to The Allman Brothers and Dickie Betts. "Seas Catch Fire" was named after a poem by E.E. Cummings and was my first real attempt at a ballad. It started out trying to sound like "Let It Be" and then became all jazzy as you hear it and the riff came about listening to too much Clapton, which is always dangerous. The last song, "Sometime", was just a little country thing I put together over an old poem I had written back in High School, I had this old Bob Dylan song I used to cover, "Country Pie", in my mind when arranging the music.

There is a lot of fantastic music on here, from the up-tempo tunes to the ballads, what would be your favorite song off the EP? What makes it your favorite?

Definitely "Thanks To You", solely because the sound we got was closest to what I had in mind, the others not so much haha. I also like how creative we got with the production, there was a lot of seeking and experimenting and I love that. It's a fond memory whenever I hear the EBow solo at the end, I had never played one and we were looking for a cool sound for the ending; one of the guys threw it to me and said "figure this thing out while we go eat lunch" so I had a little something worked out by the time they got back. I like little challenges like that and was of course mesmerized by this new toy and the sounds it could make, I ran out and bought one the very next day.

It takes a certain talent to be able to create an EP like this, it's not something that you tend to not hear enough of nowadays. Have you ever thought of venturing into other styles and seeing what can happen?

I absolutely have and will! I am currently finishing up an Outlaw Country album that will be released sometime this year. And really, I wouldn't rule out any genre or style. I am very open-minded and interested in, as well as listen to, just about all of them. I will say that is something I always keep in mind as well when writing an album or a new song, I try to avoid doing the same thing I have done before or having two songs sound very similar. I learned that from The Beatles, you have to shake it up to stay fresh!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Well, it will be a busy year for releases from me God-Willing! I mentioned the country album but I also have several original singles as well as covers in the can. And I have my 3rd studio album written and ready to be recorded, plus a couple more surprises. I plan to play more live shows and am working on a brand new set of new and old songs and some new covers I've been arranging. I have some venues in mind and would love to play some out of town shows, I guess we shall see!