TyreeThePrince is Staying Focused on His Long-term Goals in 2020

Hip-hop artist, TyreeThePrince is making a name for himself in the Chicago music scene for his artistic versatility in his ability to create a variety of flows and melodies. TyreeThePrince brings a uniquely aggressive approach to his creative endeavors. His larger than life view of life applies greatly to his burning passion as a songwriter.

His latest release, “Say Nothing,” paints a vivid and energetic picture for listeners, from his trap-influenced tempo and the strength in his vocal delivery. When describing his creative process on this track, TyreeThePrince said that the first time he heard the beat, the “hook just happened” everything about this track feels effortless and blends seamlessly.

As a songwriter, TyreeThePrince is inspired to write about his past experiences; this vulnerability makes his music relatable to listeners.

In 2020 TyreeThePrince has been keeping his focus on his long-term goals and the vision of success that he has for himself. In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, he explains that he has been able to use his passion for songwriting as an outlet to keep working towards his goals.

Make sure you are following TyreeThePrince on all socials platforms because you don’t want to miss his next wave of new music and music videos that he will be releasing. He warns listeners that this new music will come from a unique perspective of what’s happening popular in rap music right now. His ambitions and dedication make TyreeThePrince an artist to watch for.

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