Uché Brings the Groove in His New Single "Whatever" Ft. Bootsy Collins

February 21 | BuzzMusic

After wowing the world with his world-class performances on the 2019 American Idol stage, Uché has come through to deliver an equally sensational single "Whatever" featuring the legendary Bootsy Collins. "Whatever" captures the bounce and flow of funk and groove, in a way the greats like Prince, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins himself would be proud of. Uché re-funkifies the old Bootsy Collins P-funk tune and embellishes it with a few modern touches. By doing this, he breathes new life into a genre that has become increasingly rare to find. With his raspy and versatile voice, Uché takes us on a journey with sexy lows, emotional mids and funky highs that seamlessly divide the song into perfect sections. This ain’t the P-funk party anymore, this is the Uché party; and I’ll tell you what, just like that infectious bassline- it slaps!

This song delivers on all fronts: lyrically, sonically and energetically. It is the type of song that calls out to you and makes you get on your feet and dance, and that’s exactly what the enigmatic artist does when he gets on stage. There is no doubt that Uché’s experience on the American Idol stage, as well as, opening for Demi Lovato and B.O.B has prepared him for this stage of his career and we cannot wait to see what he does next.

Stream "Whatever" here and check out our exclusive interview with Uché below.

Hey Uché! It's great to have you at BuzzMusic. Most may recognize you from 2019's Top 10 American Idol finalists. How did American Idol prepare you for the industry and your new release?

Idol was boot camp, like "superstar boot camp." It was legit one of the hardest things I've ever done, I actually have some form a mild PTSD, a few of the castmates do. Mentally it was laborious because were just slapped in the face with fame which also means we got our first taste of trolls and dealing with hella people's opinions of us WHILE having to focus, prepare, and perform against the best talent in the country for your dream. The mental toughness I've gained is definitely something that has helped me navigating life in the industry.

Collaborating with Bootsy Collins for 'Whatever' must have been a surreal experience. What was it like for you?

Hell yeah, that shit was wild. I've looked up to Bootsy for so long. He's always seemed like this far away untouchable supreme being for so long. When I learned about him, just knowing someone like him existed and was successful, even legendary, in music made me feel like I could actually do this for real. I had like an epiphany; I could be black dude AND be different & weird. I could have a place in music AND I didn't have to be a rapper or a trade & swagged out, an R&B singer. I could be a f****** rockstar. Then he DM'd me and I died.

What does 'Whatever' mean to you? What message do you hope listeners take from it?

Soo, I've never been in love but this song is kind of like my fantasy. Cause when I do finally find that person I'm gonna put them on. I'm a good ass boyfriend. I'm gonna give them whatever they want, whatever they need, I'm gonna hook it tf up. I'm doing all that cute shit, I see in those annoying ass "Rom-Com's". Low key this song is the equivalent of me shamelessly sliding into everyone like, "Aye, can I have yo numba? ... can I have it?" haha mad tv nostalgia.

Your live performance is really compelling and electrifying. What would you say to an artist who's just starting out and is trying to get comfortable with the stage?

I always say, "People paid to see a show, so give them a show." If you notice a lot of your favorite artists are necessarily the best dancers, they just don't be giving a fuck. They'll do their busted-ass two-step and we will LIVE for it, the only difference is that they do it with confidence. No one is expecting you to get up there and be Micheal Jackson but they are expecting you to get up there, have fun, and give a show. The crowd just wants to enjoy themselves but you have to let loose and enjoy yourself first.

What can we expect to see next from Uché?

You can expect an album out this Spring. We're also working on a documentary. Also, this is kind of exclusive but we're planning on going on tour with Bootsy Collins. You can also expect a reply if you DM me on Instagram & badass content if you go subscribe to my Youtube Channel both at "UcheSings" HA, love a shameless plug.


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