Uncover Your Deepest Fears in Labán’s Latest Release “Hell Is Not My Nightmare"

The Baja based singer, songwriter, and producer, Labán has been honing in the musical craft since he was young. Drawing in inspiration from his emotions and channeling that energy into the song, allowing for Labán to create a personable experience that fits into any listeners' mood. Recently, Labán released his emotional album 'Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí,' and we are going to be diving into our favorite release off of the album "Hell Is Not My Nightmare," the feel-good vibes of this one are irresistible.

"Hell Is Not My Nightmare" has an incredibly honest feeling to the songwriting; it has a delicate balance of being uplifting and also tense. Telling us about how Labán's worst nightmares are far scarier than what most people expect, and when paired with a feel-good exciting instrumental, makes for a truly unique experience that we will remember for a long time. "Hell Is Not My Nightmare" features a patient electronic drum groove, excellent saxophone solo's that makes us want to get up and dance silly, funky muted guitar lines full of good energy then Labán's perfectly upfront vocals that we are addicted to listening to. After listening to "Hell Is Not My Nightmare," we definitely will be listening to "Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí," and we think that everyone should too.

Your latest release “Hell Is Not My Nightmare” feels like a personal story about your greatest fears, how do you find yourself relating to the lyrics?

Thank you BuzzMusic! Yes, it is a very personal song, it is meant to portrait different states of mind. This is the very last song I wrote for my first album and it sums up my experience during the last 6 years, the emotional ups and downs. I wrote the album during this period of time, I actually dropped and resumed the album composition a few times, that's why it took so long, so it also serves as a conclusion to both the album and this period of my life. I think that my artistry comes from a very emotional self