Undeniable Stylings Take Getters to a Realm of Their Own

Houston Indie-Rock band, Getters are sure to power through your speakers with their most recent single, "Row." Being the lead single off of their forthcoming debut EP, 'We Are Getters,' the band continues to shake up the norm for what their audience anticipates and cannonball through their very existence. Ensuring listeners that the filters will be limited through a portrayal of realism in the lack of visions of grandeur on 'We Are Getters.' Instead, Micah Miller (drums), Jerry Nettles (guitars, keys), and Christopher Goodwin (vocals) found fulfillment through a creative outlet and a desire to share genuine moments with those who would connect with them.

Magnifying the gravity that erupts through the essence of their pulsing lead single, "Row," Getters flaunts their well-rounded use time and spatial ratios in order to have their fan base simmering in a stew of precarious tempos. "Row" exudes a prevailing cadence that allows you to reflect on their intricate songwriting techniques surrounded by a rhythmic fusion of tightly knit percussion, lush guitar riffs, and a sepulchral resonance driven by the bass.

With the reverberated hues that grasp the quintessence of emotion-filled timbres from Christopher Goodwin, the thought-provoking lyrical motifs transition back to the extensive invitation to get out and keep moving. Accompanying the ethereal universe of "Row," a predominant wave towers over us in the realm of imaginative illustrations that have us deep in our headspace.

Eye-catching visuals that encapsulate an ominous sci-fi offering have us fully immersed in the fusion of Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch-like film hues that jump off of the screen. Getters provides their audience with a dynamism that remains unmatched. Their fluent blend of vitality walks effortlessly amongst the creativity that drips from a positive mindset.

Fixating ourselves on the thunderous charisma that continues to sweep the soundwaves, Getters has officially set the tone for what's to come on their forthcoming EP, 'We Are Getters.'

Getters, we are filled with anticipation of what’s to come with your highly anticipated EP. “Row,” has truly set the tone. What inspired you to make this song the lead single off of the project?

Hello there, BuzzMusic, et al! Jerry Nettles here. There is a lot of anticipation on our end, as well. We are extremely excited to hear and see how everyone reacts to Getters. “Row” is the 2nd single from our forthcoming EP, ‘We Are Getters,’ which will be released on June 25th via our own label, B.A.M. Recordings. We are releasing one single and video per month, starting last month when we released our debut single, “Tidal Wave.” All that being said, “Row” is absolutely one of my favorite songs from the EP. Musically, the song ended up with an upbeat, happy, positive vibe, and lyrically it ended up in a place that was very relatable to where the three of us were individually at that time. Feels good to have shared it with the world. Glad you are enjoying it!

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when structuring, “Row?"

“Row” was exciting to write because of how it originated. Our drummer Micah’s oldest son, Ronin (9), was super excited about his dad and me writing music and has recently started the piano program at his school, he decided to write a piece on piano and text it to me saying “make this into a Getter's song.” Well, that is exactly what I did. I took inspiration from his piano piece and wrote the music for “Row.” At that time, our singer Chris was not yet part of the band, so I sent the song to my brother, Brent Nettles, to see if he would slap a vocal on the song. He was able to come up with the pre-chorus “…and I wanna make you feel alright, but you’re just too close to me…” Once Chris joined the band, it was easy to explain where the song was and from where Chris was able to finish the rest of the song vocally.

We love the visuals that accompany the single. Was your vision executed exactly the way that you had envisioned? How much of a role did you play in the creative direction?

I do not think that the vision could have been brought to life any better, to be honest. Micah and I came up with the concept ourselves and our videographer, Wade Concienne, took it from there. Within a few days, he came up with the storyboard and shot list, then we got the shoot on the calendar. It was our intent to veer away from your “traditional music video” that is based around performances and to create something you could enjoy even if the audio were muted. In short, the idea of the video was a hybrid of 'No Country For Old Men' and 'The Umbrella Academy.' Can you see it?

Could you please tell us what listeners have in store with your six-track EP, ‘We Are Getters?'

In my opinion, listeners are in for a multitude of moods, vibes, and sounds. I think there are tracks that fit any season and can trigger a wide range of emotions. When writing for this project, we didn’t have a set “sound” in mind, which allowed us to attach ourselves to a broad spectrum of ideas. As time passed and we wrote more and more songs, the 6 tracks on the EP connected with us most.

What's next for you?

The Beatles’ “Come Together” starts spinning in my head when asked this question. I think it’s because all three of us are working really hard to find the right puzzle pieces to the Getters puzzle. It’s challenging to find the pieces when the only image you have to reference is in your head. TBD by us. Which is a great/exciting challenge.

As of right now, we are working up some new content ideas that we hope to be able to talk about soon. Just last week we went back into the studio to start working on our next EP. If all goes well and we stay on track, then we will continue with our song and video releases and drop the next batch of songs each month between July through December. Beyond that, we are also turning our focus on to what a live show will be like. Excited to start bringing our imaginations to life and perform live once the world has returned to some semblance of normalcy. Hope to see you there!!