Until the Sun Releases Rocking Blues Single “Drowning in Blue”

Until The Sun is a “rocking blues” trio formed in 2017 that consists of the members Brandon Teskey, Bruce Jensen and Chris Tex. As a band, they are known for their unique ability to maintain the best aspects of traditional music styles, all while bringing their own edge into their songs. Until The Sun never fails to bring their fans something new and continues to release new projects including their newest album 'Blackheart'

Until The Sun’s most recent single “Drowning In Blue” is a passionate anthem for any metal and rock and roll fans. The song starts off with catchy riffs of an electric guitar followed by humming in the same melodies. Just as soon as Chris Tex’s drumbeat picks up the guitar riffs die down and leave room for Until The Sun’s lead vocalist, Bruce Jensen, to join.

Bruce's raspy, alluring voice displays passion and emotion throughout “Drowning In Blue.” In addition to vocals, the verses maintain simplicity with a simple electric guitar melody and blues-like percussions, which gives the song its rock and roll personality. During the chorus, the energy of the song reaches an all-time high as the vocalist embraces an aggressive, metal style with his vocals. Guitarist Brandon Teskey shows off his natural abilities with a long-lasting solo towards the end of the song. Until The Sun incorporates just the right amount of metal and rock and roll into their musical masterpiece “Drowning In Blue.”

Stream "Drowning In Blue" here and get connect with Until The Sun on social media below.