Up And Coming Canadian Artist Ben Releases Heart-Wrenching Single “Falling Forward”

Talented indie artist Ben is based in a Canadian small town with a low very population. Ben creates music to envoke emotional reactions from his listeners. He has been working away and establishing his sound and craft from the ground up. With a slew of songs ready for release, he’s ready to show the world his breathtaking music that will pull on the heartstrings of any listener.

Falling Forward” is a beautiful introspective acoustic track that takes the listener on a journey through Ben’s trials and tribulations with love. He hones in on the frustrating feelings of looking back and wondering if he would have done things differently to avoid the pain and heartbreak he feels now. A truly touching song that is close to Ben’s heart, he is vulnerable and real with his audiences but manages to let the lyricism be vague enough so his fans can relate to “Falling Forward” on a deeper level. I highly recommend you check out the inspiring new song. “Falling Forward” takes the listener on a brilliant musical journey of emotions and incredibly well-executed acoustic arrangements. Stay on the lookout for Ben and his future musical endeavors!

Listen to “Falling Forward” here and stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Ben!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Ben! Can you tell us more about your upbringing and how you got started in your music career?

Thank you!  First, let me say that I appreciate so much what you are doing in giving independent artists a voice!  I was raised in a home where music was very important and was taught to look at circumstances from many different perspectives... it helped me to see the "other persons point of view"  which I feel has helped me become very empathetic to people's feelings, and in turn has hopefully helped me to write songs that people can really relate to.  Because music has just "been in my blood" from day one, it's hard to say how it really started, it has always just been part of me!

Can you dive into the meaning of “Falling Forward”? What inspired it?

When situations happen in my life, every emotion hits really hard.... I mean, I think I really take things in very deeply, and I think on things probably way more than I should... "Falling Forward" is so much about part of me wishing that I could let some things roll off you know?  Part of the song is very much thinking back on very precious and fragile relationships I may have had... that if I would have just been able to not take things so hard, that maybe I could have been stronger for people that really needed me.  I guess the song is really saying that no matter what has happened, and what we wish could have been different, we are hurled into the unknowing aspects of the present day and future, and that life goes on... whether we are ready for it to or not.

What’s your creative process like? What emotions do you channel when writing new material?

Because the emotions are always so present with me, it's just a matter of quieting the outside influences of the world, and just pouring out what is inside of me.  Sometimes it is like tuning into a radio station, the song is just there in surround sound.  Sometimes I will get some very moving music idea, and the words begin to pour out.  That is what happened with "Falling Forward"  the music came out so strong and the words followed.  It's different every time to some degree.  But I think being receptive to the emotions in the moment is key.  There are songs crying out to be written - you just have to allow yourself to be truly venerable in the moment.

What do you hope your fans take away from "Falling Forward"?

I hope that they can relate to the ache of wishing that in their lives they may have been able to do things differently, but at the same time realizing that we cannot change the past... that whether we like it or not we are continuously hurled through time and we are moving forward - we might as well embrace this fact and do what we can now.  I hope in some ways that this song is a big warm hug that says "you know what? we did the best with what we had in the moment, we will always have things we wish we could have done better, but we are all in this journey together, and in some ways, I hope you know that I feel and can relate to what you are going through!"

What are you currently working on? We can’t wait to hear more!

Thank you so much for this question!  I have always done pretty much every genre of music!  So whatever moves me at the time is what I will work on next!  Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and if you are a music lover, I promise that you will be diving into an interesting journey for sure!  I have recently worked on a hip hop/rap song and music video called "the struggle" that is basically about being a human trying to survive in this world, and have just completed a song in electronic style genre called "while my music gently weeps".  I have hundreds of songs recorded, in various styles, so hopefully, I will have the time and the inspiration to keep making videos and putting stuff up!  Thank you for the opportunity to share with you today!


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