Up And Coming R&B Artist Zaydon Drops “Dreams” feat DFG Yaashar

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, singer/songwriter Zaydon has always loved music. The gifted vocalist taught himself to sing through meticulously studying Youtube videos. Zaydon has established his craft from the ground up, he strives to explore through a diverse variety of genres. Zaydon pulls inspirations from legends like Whitney Houstan, and more contemporary acts like Justin Bieber. Fusing his eclectic span of idols, Zaydon creates relatable music for everyone. 

A new smooth R&B track from Zaydon is “Dreams” feat DFG Yaasharand it’s a creative piece of musical excellence. Zaydon showcases his finely-calibrated vocal register and angelic tone. The track “Dreams” talks about this ideal woman that appears in his dreams. We love the emotive lyricism and heart-filled hook. DFG Yaashar delivers flawless bars, as he spits his rhymes, Zaydon’s backing vocals can be heard and are fused perfectly. Pulling from his wide variety of musical influences, Zaydon has a voice that’s seasoned well beyond his years. Her pours his emotion into his lyrics and music. “Dreams” is well produced, brilliantly delivered and an overall dream yR&B hit. We can’t wait to see what Zaydon drops next.

Check out “Dreams” feat DFG Yaashar here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

What’s the music scene like in your hometown?

My hometown is baltimore which is also home to a lot of talented artists such as YBS Skola who actually performed at the Rolling Loud event in Miami a few weeks ago. The majority of the artist here are rapper and make a lot of trap music. The majority of the audience here like trap music so it is understandable. There are still many RnB artist and other genres out here but rap is most common most likely because it is the most relatable.

What’s your song “Dreams” all about?

At the start of “Dreams” you hear a dominican woman expressing a bizarre dream that she. This woman is someone that I had a personal and emotional connection with. We shared a lot of affection and emotion together but we never had the honor of being in a relationship because her last break up really tore her apart. She has a lot of insecurities and she had been damaged beyond compare. I know that if had the chance to make it beyond that barrier she has held up protecting her heart, I could show her what love really is. Our connection was so perfect and fit so easy that it would’ve been a “dream” to have her.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

For me I just want my listeners to be content and humbled for the most part. I’m very versatile so I know every song I make won’t give the same affect. I want to make music that everyone can feel, music people will relate to, music that kids can also enjoy, music feature around the world, and music people love to dance to. I would to have a little of everything to have as much reach as possible. I understand not everyone likes rap, not everyone, likes RnB, pop, etc.. So I want to make them all so I can have all different times of fans.

Can we expect more collaborations with DFG Yaashar in the future?

Absolutely, Yaashar is the reason I’m even here. He knew I had talent, and gave me the encouragement to step in front of a mic and begin recording. We have already begun recording a joint project as well as me dropping an EP in the near future.

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