Using the Lord as a Guide in His Musical Journey: Payton Goldston

From Tucson, Arizona, Payton Goldston has had a passion for music since he was a kid. Born into an extremely musical family, he grew up watching his mother and grandmother sing, but they never traveled far out of state to perform. Payton wanted to honor his family and pursue a career in music, and worked hard during his high school years, singing in the school choir and gospel groups. He was guided by a Pastor that he met in his teenage years and developed a very strong relationship with the Lord during this time. After many hardships, losing his mother, and battling homelessness, Payton turned his life around and found a way to use his skills for a greater purpose. He became a booking manager for Battleground City, where he could sing during events, and now works as a minister in Arizona trying to spread God’s word.

Payton’s song “I’m In Love” is a mix of R&B and soul and displays his natural talent for vocals. It has a slow introduction but speeds up as the lyrics begin, describing the feeling of finding a meaningful relationship. He has an incredible quality to his voice that is accompanied by a fun background beat and allows the apparent emotion of his lyrics to be projected to the listener. Payton Goldston has God-given musical abilities, and it is a privilege to watch him grow as an artist and man of faith.

Check out “I’m In Love” by Payton Goldston here.


Hi Payton! Great to be chatting with you at BuzzMusic today! Where did you draw the inspiration for your single “I’m In Love”?

Hey there! Thank you for having me. My inspiration for this song comes from my wife Erica. We've been married a little over 3 years and this was a song dedicated to her. In such a short time we went through a long of trials but every day we decided to love each other and not give up on each other. This song is my thank you to her.

Creatively, how are you going to approach your next batch music? Do you ever experiment with different genres?

My next batch of music is centered around the contemporary Christian and R&B genres. I love to sing about love, loss, having faith in God and everything in between. 

I do experiment with other genres such as hip hop, pop, and folk music. I rap as well as sing so expect a blend of the two in future songs.

In addition to your duties as a minister, do you have a lot of time to spend focusing on music? What would you say is your current focus?

Yes, I do have plenty of time to do music. I'm a member of the worship band at my church, so my pastor encourages me and the team to create our own music. At this time it is my current focus, however, I do manage to balance between the two. Using God's word as inspiration for my music and also learning more about God to reach and teach people.

Music is such a great way to spread positive messages and beliefs! Do you ever include your faith in your songwriting?

Absolutely! I mention going to God for guidance, healing, safety, and strength in several of my upcoming songs. I believe that it is necessary to know that God is closer to us than we think. I try to create a clear picture of that in my songs.

Do you have any live shows planned for the near future? Where will you be performing?

No shows as of yet. I'm working on getting my name out in my local scene right now so hopefully, I'll have shows lined up soon. As of right now, people can come here me sing worship at Living Faith Christian Center every Sunday at 10:30. 4108 East North Street in Tucson Arizona.