UTE Creates A Smooth Atmosphere With Elevating Song, “Music Makes Me Fly”

February 18, 2020 By: Edwund F

UTE released the single titled “Music Makes Me Fly” and this serene song places you in a beautiful atmosphere. Accompanied by a beautiful piano and a smooth whistle instrument, “Music Makes Me Fly” was a tender song with a satisfying arrangement that had us completely compelled and intrigued by each dynamic. A component that we loved to this song was UTE’s smooth-sailing vocal dynamic. UTE serenades her listeners with her lush voice that’s soft and delicate but impactful. “Music Makes Me Fly” had a canorous tune that seeps through your memory with its everlasting touch. “Music Makes Me Fly” was a mesmerizing song with a memorable appeal. UTE managed to drive her listener into the texturized adaptation with a soaring melody. 

“Music Makes Me Fly” had a solid production that created the soft-like vibe that was peaceful but riveting. The perfect kind of setting to listen to “Music Makes Me Fly” would be in a calming environment where you can just relax and intertwine yourself with the song. UTE is an incredible artist with an indulging sound that will create a sensational experience for her listener. Check out "Music Makes Me Fly" here.


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