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Valor Delivers A New Style In “Slendermannz”

Valor is a multi-faceted California based artist who was born in Riverside in 1995. Not only is he a recording/performing artist; He builds his craft from the ground up. From instrumentation to production, to lyrics, down to the sonic quality.

Valor released his single titled “SlenderMannz” featuring the artist J. Royal. “Now you just a campfire legend” “Now you just an urban legend”. Something about this record and these lyrics was so appealing to me. Could it be the possible metaphorical representation of the hauntingly chilling urban legend, Slenderman? Or maybe it’s the dark beat that transcends across the detailed lyrics that give this metaphorical representation? Or possibly, just possibly it’s Valor’s unique vocal quality. This intricate arrangement and unique production were undeniably badass, however I loved the dark energy this song gives off. It represents an unforgettable yet easily ignored sub-genre in the culture of hip-hop. Gothic rap is what I call it. The sound is a blend of R&B layers and cutting-edge, trap-influenced drum beats as well as orchestrated and atmospheric layers. “Slendermannz” was a nicely executed song that will generate a large number of new fans for the artists!

Listen to “Slendermannz” here and get to know more about Valor below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Valor. Knowing you build everything from scratch, what are some major challenges and obstacles you face in creating the perfect song? In what ways do you overcome these?

It’s been a pleasure to share with your team! I think the hardest thing in this day and age comes down to the high volume of talented people on the playing field! There’s so many original artists who have come up with brand new genres of their own at this point. Finding a sound that’s your own, holding on to your originality but also finding that happy medium of stepping outside your comfort zone and staying true to your art and your vision can be a challenge. On my album I put myself in the shoes of the antagonist and fully exposed any mistakes and struggles I have made, I believe this self awareness that comes with writing in the first person can be treacherous at times as well, but also important as we reflect to sort of have that organic fuel to put into your art.

Let’s talk about your song titled “Slendermannz”. Was this inspired by the popular legend, “Slenderman”?

Yes, the song was sort of a playful metaphorically written song! I am a huge horror fanatic and I grew up very intrigued by urban legends/ horror stories etc. I’ve always sort of incorporated that dark cinematic inspiration in my art.

The lyricism in “Slendermannz” was super dope and interesting. What was this song about? In what ways were you able to relate to the lyrics from your personal experiences?

This song In Particular is actually very personal and has multiple meanings hidden behind puns and “dark humor.” The song speaks about abuse / toxic relations / manipulation. The song relates toxic men to the legend of SLENDERMAN (who supposedly prays on innocent children and controls their mind to lure them to him and make them his slaves/ kill them or drive them mad in variations of the legend) the other meaning behind “slender” man was the way I was personally affected by allowing a toxic man in, such as body image issues. From abuse in all forms to manipulation to eating disorders, every lyric was carefully tailored to my reality and personal experience. The song is sort of a table turning anthem, exposing and saying “look I know what you’re doing and you have no control over me anymore. I’m taking my life back.” It’s really very powerful to take all that’s happened and find a way to be humorous about it all.

What could our listeners expect from your album, Valor?

Well this album is very ... angry compared to my previous music and very blunt, honest and self exposing. But it’s not just angry there’s a lot of levels to it, not everything is dark! As far as the sound goes a lot of r&b tones and trap drum elements were used in the production, mixed with edgy vocals, rapped verses and indie synth tones! I did find and create a sound I loved with this album.

What’s next for you?

Something I am focusing on more heavily with this album is the visuals, I am currently in production of my visual for SLENDERMANNZ, I previously released visuals for LUCID DREAMING 2 ASTRAL SPACES, and I have already started on a 3rd visual. I have also still been writing (I NEVER STOP) so an EP or some singles might be coming but nothing is set in stone there! My next biggest step is just being everywhere, performing every venue, being played on every radio station and being in every magazine and blog! That’s the plan anyway! 


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