Vatomico Advocates for, "Peace"

Vatomico is a project created from the need to create a musical contrast between classic and electronic. Based in Los Angeles, California, Vatomico is an instrumental project that plays ‘Electrojazz;’ a mix of electronic music with funk, mambo, and jazz.

The sound produced by the bass, sequences, sax, and keyboards goes from Avalanche and Kinky to Coltrane and Mingus. Their shows, with songs composed mostly of their own, offer a tremendous display of energy and improvisation, where the keyboards in charge of Danny Andress, and sax, by Nick Gomez, gain the spotlight, supported by a solid rhythm section that doesn’t disappoint anybody.

Taking our attention to the utterly dynamic buoyancy implanted into their latest single “Peace,” we get a healthy offering of the various strengths Vatomico is capable of. Shifting through a musical complexity that is triggered by distorted bass lines, timely percussion, and intricately sculpted keyboard arrangements, we appreciate the finer details that disburse elements of golden sax hues and the compelling voice clip repeating throughout the composition to bring unity to this masterpiece.

There is a definite intensity that surfaces from the depths of the musicality as the prevailing message emitted throughout “Peace,” enforces a world in need of optimistic relief. In a song that is purely instrumental except for the pre-recorded memo frequently occurring, there is much to be unraveled by the listener's own interpretation. You clasp onto the overall spirit that rises from this body of work as you anticipate what will weave its way through the progression next. Electrojazz is the perfect way to outline the undefinable quintessence that Vatomico carries with them throughout each musical piece they construct.

Incorporating contemporary elements that amalgamate with a blend of retro meets futuristic tenors, Vatomico is ahead of their time with the artistry they offer. Continuing to wow us one song at a time, we’re here for the timeless creations they’ll throw our way next.