Vealy Lifts Spirits with New Release “Mama’s Song”

Vealy is an up and coming Filipino singer and songwriter who just released a song that will surely make 2020 your year. Her newest release “Mama’s Song” kicks off with a heavy beat and a serious tone. It quickly builds into a catchy melody that makes you want to sing along before you even know the lyrics! She transitions from her former misconception of “having it all” to still having a “ways to go.” “Mama’s Song” continues to strengthen until it reaches its bold chorus. Vealy brings a wonderful combination of sincerity and euphoria. The beat will have you tapping your feet while the lyrics encourage you to sit up a little straighter. She shares with us her resilience and spirit by repeating many times that “this pain will turn to beauty.” She finishes off with the strong assertion: “so give me pain, I won’t complain – one day I will be free,” mirrors her journey in pursuing her music career. Vealy moved to the United States at age 17 to study nursing in Chicago. She then discovered her passion for performing, singing, and songwriting and began her music career. After working as a nurse for a year she mustered the courage to pursue music in Los Angeles. She is now a full-time musician with original and inspiring music who we hope to hear more from soon!

Listen to "Mama's Song" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Vealy! We really enjoyed “Mama’s Song,” can you tell us more about the writing process of the song?

I was feeling like I gave up my dream the day I wrote this song. Many reasons, one is that my bank is running dry-- I haven't worked as a full-time nurse (I quit nursing last year to pursue singing and songwriting). Second reason, I'm going back to nursing full time. And that was my life before! Full time nurse and music was thrown to the side, not a priority at all. So I sat at my piano and started playing chords-- within minutes, the chorus was made, and I felt better immediately! "I know this pain will turn to beauty. Nothing worth it comes easy!" My perspective changed-- I became excited to start nursing again, so I could get back on my feet. Get money, be able to fund my music and this independent career!

What would you say was the main inspiration for you while writing “Mama’s Song”?

I felt better as I was writing Mama's Song, and I thought that if this song made me feel better, I think it would make other people who listen to it feel better too! So I finished writing it, then recorded and produced it at the VisionQuest Sound Studio with my good friend, Philip.

You spent your childhood singing Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Diana Ross. Could you tell us how they have influenced your music?

Haha. Yes! I sang all of their songs in parties, karaoke, and even singing contests! I would say that their singing style and their song structures influenced me. How they're all divas and sing these big, epic, emotional songs! Haha. I'm actually having trouble trying to write a more "chill" more "casual" song. But I think I'll get there ;)

You have had a love for music since such a young age! How do you think your music has changed over the years?

As a kid, I really just started out as a singer. I would compete in these shows where all the other kids had crazy good pipes! Then I turned 10, and I got interested in playing the piano. So I got piano lessons from the pianist at church! I learned how to sightread and then eventually became the church pianist. Then after being okay at playing the piano and sightreading, I got very interested in playing the violin. So then I also took lessons until I learned just enough. Haha. I was very proper with regard to music! I read exactly how things are written-- I never dared to write anything new or improvise. Not until 2 years ago when I really started writing my own songs. And about a year ago, I started learning how to produce and started producing my own music. I've got a long way to go, and I'm excited!!

You are currently performing in local shows and sometimes even busking on occasion! Can you tell us about some of your upcoming shows?

Yes! My most recent show was in Hotel Cafe's mainstage which I thought was crazy that I got to perform there! I'm gonna start busking again on Melrose Ave this month! And in February, I have a show at an art gallery/art shop in Venice Beach -- Amiga Wild.