Veetchy Melts Our Hearts With His Passionate Single, "Let Loose"

The Cameroonian artist Veetchy teams up with producer Judah and releases his long-awaited single, "Let Loose."

Veetchy stated that he believes true music doesn't have a genre, which is why his music stems from sounds like Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Afropop, and Cameroonian genres like Bikutsi and Tribal Makossa.

Finally releasing his single "Let Loose," Veetchy noted that his second verse was written back in the ninth grade, and when teaming up with Producer and long-time friend Judah, he realized that his verse still needed time in the spotlight. Not to mention Shanay Morant's sweet-sounding vocals adding grace to the song, we're captivated with each twist and turn.

"Let Loose" opens with prominent piano chords while Shanay Morant begins serenading us with passionate lyricism. Describing the longing desire she has for someone, Veetchy swiftly picks up where Shanay left off and adds this heartfelt back and forth dynamic. We must note that the song's production created by Judah is incredibly textured, transcending listeners into the celestials with each chord and drum break. 

About halfway through, Veetchy begins spilling his heart through balladic lyrics that depict vast desire towards someone he's patiently waiting for. He goes from rapping with this energetic and enthusiastic tone to passionately singing in this irresistible R&B manner that keeps our ears peeled. While the song closes out with Judah's powerful piano, Shanay Morant's stunning melisma, and Veetchy's mesmerizing vocal riffs, we genuinely feel refreshed after listening to this heartfelt piece.

"Let Loose" reminds listeners to go after whatever their heart desires, as Veetchy paints endearing pictures with his heartfelt lyricism that inevitably inspires anyone to take a passionate leap of faith.

Hello Veetchy and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic to discuss your latest release. We love the passion and desire you've infused into your single, "Let Loose." Why did you choose this track to deliver a verse you wrote years prior?

I chose this track because I felt that it was meant for the verse I wrote when I was in high school. It was a gut feeling that told me this was the melody and arrangement that I was searching for years ago that I just found. When I listened to the instrumental for the first time and vibed with it for barely a minute, I literally remembered the verse I wrote back then, so I knew I had to do it justice.

Seeing as the beat for "Let Loose" was created by Producer and your long-time friend Judah, do you feel that this chemistry makes him aware of what sort of vibe you want within your beats?

Judah and I go way back so yeah he definitely knows what kind of vibe I want within beats. He knows that it has to be exciting, rare, moody but most importantly compelling. It doesn't matter if it is r&b or afro, as long as it makes me feel all of the above then he knows its something I would gracefully rock!

What was it like collaborating with Shanay Morant for her feature on "Let Loose," and why did you want a female flair to be added on the track?

Shoutout to the talented Shanay first and foremost. The studio vibes with her were so natural, beautiful, and experience as well, because this was my first time having someone on my record. Everything went on so smoothly and we just had a really great time recording it. The producer was super nice as well and he told us what we were already feeling, which was that our voices go well together. I recorded the demo before we got to link up but I needed someone with sharp vocals to lighten up the song and give it the punch it deserves. I could have gone with a male vocal but I felt like the record needed to be sung from a female's perspective, as her verse portrays more vulnerability, softness, and love. Men do have those traits, but I felt like women have more of them. So when I heard Shanay's song "What They Say" I knew this was a vocal I needed on the song. 

Seeing as your music doesn't usually reside with one specific genre, how would you describe your music and sound to a new listener?

To any new listeners out there, I want to let you know from my previous releases that if I found myself collaborating in any genre, I would be able to fit in it because my vibe/sound is universal. My sound has alot of afro influences, given the fact that I come from Cameroon, so if you dig deep into some of my previous music, or read along the lines you would understand what I mean. Whether its the french/pidgin hook in 'Malo', the duala verse in 'Ndol'am', or the tribal rhythm in 'Trill Vibes' you will always catch a glimpse of Cameroon in my songs, and I know people love such musical vibes. I try to let everyone from around the world kind of tap into my vibe, so I like making music that everyone can listen to. It's not always so much about the language, but about the vibe.

What can we expect to see from you next?

I am currently working on a bigger project musically with Shanay, as we both decided to come up with a body of work for our listeners. I can't tell you exactly how many songs are going to be there but expect moods that center around love, passion, and good vibes. Until next time.


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