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Veronica Fusaro is No, "Fool"

Italian Swiss-based songwriter Veronica Fusaro has listeners eagerly awaiting her forthcoming debut album as she gives them a taste of what’s in store with “Fool.”

The 23-year-old musician writes authentic storytelling Pop songs interweaved with powerful melodies and plenty of heart that shimmers somewhere between retro soul and future Pop resonance.

Being the second single to be teased from her debut album, Veronica Fusaro delivers a dark bluesy ballad that places her vocals on a pedestal with unalloyed grace and velvety hues. “Fool,” paints a vivid illustration that dips into lies, deceit, and a broken heart.

The empowering resonance that surges from the deluxe vocal harmonies chiming in unison at the mesmerizing chorus showcases Veronica Fusaro’s undeniable timbres with glimmers of the unapologetic persona that she encapsulates so authentically.

Cascading with the raw essence of the reverberated guitar riffs and tightly knit drum patterns, our senses are peaked to the various sides of Veronica Fusaro’s characteristics that bring the picturesque virtuoso to an illuminating spotlight. Robust hues sweep the melismatic resilience that is juxtaposed in her widely tackled vocal range.

Defying all genres, Veronica Fusaro weaves various elements that contrast in robust, mellow vibrations as she fashions a sound that is uniquely her own. With her sight set on appealing to her audience’s retrospective lens, her sound is burgeoning and mature for an artist of her and time. Creating music that is everlasting for the ages to come, Veronica Fusaro drives it home with “Fool.”

We love the genres that you combine to bring a unique lane of your own styling. How did you come to create such a striking sound? Do you feel that the music scene in your surrounding area influences your sound in any way?

Thank you! I think the type of music that I make is influenced by whatever sound reaches my ears. I love listening to various genres, from Amy Winehouse, Melody Gardot to Beth Hart, but I also very much love R&B artists like SZA, H.E.R. or Anderson.Paak. I think there’s always something to learn, no matter what genre. Although there is a growing music scene in Switzerland, I didn’t grow up listening to “local” music. So I don’t think it influences my sound, as I always looked up to international artists, mainly English-singing ones.

What moment or story inspired the creation of “Fool?” What does it say about you as an artist and individual?

The song is about a broken heart that didn’t break overnight. It was more of constant damage that took place until I couldn’t bear it anymore which lead to this song. I was very hurt, and the first time I sang the chorus it felt really liberating, and it still does every time I sing it. I think in the song you can hear two sides of me - a very fragile, vulnerable, maybe a little naive one in the verses, but also a strong side in the chorus.

In terms of themes and messaging, what are you hoping your listeners take away from “Fool?”

That even in the most heart-broken moments there can be positive effects. Maybe not in the first couple of days of course. But for me, after realizing the true intention of the other person, I wasn’t only hurt. I also somehow got to know a new type of strength that I hadn’t met before. Of course, it sucks getting your hurt broken, feeling „defeated“ and all of that. But there’s always something to take away from this kind of story.

How does this song compare to other releases in your music catalog?

I think it’s a very live-oriented song instrumentation-wise. I can’t wait to play this one with my band, the song comes from the stomach and will be performed that way if that makes sense? I’d say it compares the most to my song „Venom“, it has a similar taste I think.


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