Vibe Along To “Tatts, Gas, & Jewelry" By Joyland Byrd And 1 Way Street

Javatnae Weaver, known professionally as Joyland Byrd, is a gifted rapper/songwriter from Atlanta,Georgia. He rose to attention and acclaim in 2017, when he released his mixtape Live from Booker St. He is best known for his single "None of a Kind", recently joining Plug Money Music House, Joyland Byrd has now released his follow up Mixtape “Byrd Flu” and teamed up with local artist 1 Way Street to release his New Single “Tatts, Gas, & Jewelry".

Joyland Byrd’s latest release “Tatts, Gas, & Jewelry” (ft. 1 Way Street) is a summer banger dripping in confidence. Joyland Byrd’s has the talent and ear for savory beats to excel in this game. The single “Tatts, Gas, & Jewelry" that reeks of self confidence, is about Joyland’s success and his life at the top and he sped by the same-old mainstream sound on his way up. His energy truly shines in this introspective track that lets us explore Joyland Byrd’s contagious attitude. Joyland and 1 Way Street create a dope track together, their vibe and chemistry comes through the speakers as flawlessly and effortlessly as their addicting bars. Stay on the lookout for what Joyland Byrd delivers next!

Check out “Tatts, Gas, & Jewelry" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I moved to Joyland (Zone 3) when I was a child and transferred to Slater elementary school during 4th grade. By the time I got to Carver Highschool, I got kicked out in 9th grade and decided to drop out. At that point, I got introduced to the trap and it was a friend of mine, Andrew, who persuaded me to become a rapper. I never took it seriously because I was too involved in the street life but people would always see me freestyle on my block (Booker St.). 

I used to go by Young Byrd, but one night everything changed. I was caught and arrested on a murder case, but after a  year I was able to bond out and eventually the case was dismissed. At that point, I realized I had an opportunity with music and changed my name to Joyland Byrd.

I love this track. Can you explain the writing process and any challenges you faced along the way?

The song was never expected to be my single when I walked into the studio that night. I was working on my next mixtape, Byrd Flu, and I knew I wanted to make sure I got my partner 1 Way Street on a feature before it dropped. As we were listening to beats and trying to come up with a concept, I scrolled down through my notepad on my phone were I save some ideas or Hook phrases and I saw a chorus name I had saved that I wanted to use, "Tatts, Gas & Jewelry".

When I pitched it to 1 Way street, he was feeling it and he came up with the 1st bar on the hook, "Tatts all on my face like a Mexican", we then Co-wrote the rest of the Hook, we were originally going to go back to back on the chorus but 1 way made it sound so good at the beginning that we just had him spit the whole chorus, It was history from there.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I'm from Atlanta and I grew up listening to Hot Boyz so I would have to say, T.I, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

What do you think sets you apart from other hip-hop artists?

Well for one, I can freestyle, which A lot of artists nowadays cant really do. But I do feel like I'm more versatile in the sense that I don't feel like I only stick to one topic when I write a song. I really let the beat tell me what direction I want to take the song and that's why you will hear different styles of my flow from song to song.

When can we expect next from you?

Well first, my new Mixtape "Byrd Flu" just dropped this past May on all streaming platforms. But other than that I got a new mixtape dropping in October, Trapmatic 2", which is a follow up of a mixtape I dropped last year. And it's all up from there.


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