Victoria Barral Releases an Instant Classic on Newest Hit "3 Years Ago"

We have all been stuck on a mary-go-round of a relationship at one point or another in life; the same story played out, again and again, hoping for a change of scenery, but it's always the same view. Now, stepping out of the shadows of heartbreak, Victoria Barral releases her honest and redemptive new song "3 Years Ago." A current student at Berklee College of Music, Victoria Barral has over 13 years of classically trained musical experience under her belt, and at just 19-years-old that's quite an impressive feat. Victoria Barral composes songs that resonate with the daily struggles of life, and pairing those themes alongside her melodic piano opens an emotionally inviting atmosphere of sound for the listener.

"3 Years Ago" begins with a soft and gentle piano melody as Victoria Barral's angelic voice joins the soundscape. Singing with an emotional investment into her lyrics, Victoria theatrically displays the sorrowful meaning behind the words she's singing. As "3 Years Ago" enters the bridge, Victoria Barral powerfully heightens her harmonious vocals that send waves of emotion washing over the listener. A string quartet plays symphoniously behind Victoria's voice, fading in and out of the soundscape, elevating the song's holy atmosphere. Do not miss the chance to discover Victoria Barral and her new hit "3 Years Ago."

Listen to "3 Years Ago" here.

Hello Victoria and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your newest release "3 Years Ago," it really connects on an emotional level with the listener. Can you start by telling us a bit more about the song and how it came about? Thank you so much for that. 3 Years Ago was written about 7 months ago. I wrote the song first in a practice room when I felt really sad and emotional and not beautiful! The song later got picked up by my engineer and producer Annie Dickinson We recorded it in February and we were most excited about the piano track... The song is in fact about a personal experience that I think a lot of people can relate to. It’s about dealing with rejection from someone that I really liked that time and knew for a long time. At the time it was hurtful, but I’ve forgiven them awhile ago. This song was and is about finding worth in yourself as a woman. Finding your beauty and worth after being used and played by a guy. There is a metaphorical message in the cover alone. The cover art shows me decided which road to take. Choosing not to take the road of the past and leave it all behind. I think a lot of people would relate to this subject because it’s hard to forget your past.  You mentioned you've been classically trained in music for 13 years. How did your love for music begin? My love for music began when I was really little. My dad would play Andrea Bocelli when I was 2 years old. My dad is really the only one who was musically talented in my whole entire family, and I think I got it from him. My ear for music is definitely from him. He is an amazing guitarist. I learned the piano at 7 and just fell in love with classical music and later other genres of music. It’s amazing the power and emotion behind classical music such as Chopin, Bach, Mozart. When I got older and turned 17, I really started to write and produce different genres of music. I feel like classical training really helped with producing music and my love for writing pop songs and r&b.  Does your songwriting originate from personal experiences you have lived through? What kind of messages do you try to incorporate into your music? I feel like 90% of my songwriting comes from personal experiences. I try to send out positive messages, but I tend to cover issues of loneliness, depression, addiction, and common things that teenagers go through. I really try to be really honest and vulnerable with my writing! I also have a strong Christian background and I do the best I can to spread light and give God the glory for my gift and music! I hope my music can speak to people and someway.  What have you learned from your studies at Berklee College of Music that has affected your artistry? I have really learned so much from Berklee College of Music as far as harmony goes. Berklee has taught me so many possibilities for chord progressions in lyric writing. How certain chords fit the complexity of lyrics is amazing to me. One chord change can change the mood and vibe of the song! It can bring joy, and it can bring tears. Harmony really affects people! I’ve learned so much music theory and I’ve trained my ear so much at Berklee. There’s never enough to learn at Berklee and I’m so grateful to study there! 

What's next for you?

Is not sure what my long term plan is yet after college but I know I have a passion for music and God has called me to do music. My hopes are to continue writing, continuing to learn and grow as an artist! I still have 2 years left of college and I hope to write new and exciting songs and produce! I need to explore more upbeat and happy music! I have a lot of improvement to do though. I realize that sometimes it takes years and years for people to get noticed. There’s a lot of room for me to grow and get better at my artistry and write hit songs! I hope to be a recording artist and be a good influence to this generation in the music industry someday! Thank you so much for this interview!