Victoria Gouveia Is Redefining How We Vibe out to R&B Music

Ever since this artist from a small town in Ontario, Victoria Gouveia, decided to challenge herself and move to Toronto at 17 years old, she's earned nothing but success. With her debut release from 2018, "Beautiful Lie," having received more than 100,000 streams, the young and ambition R&B spotlight is aiming to reassure her fanbase that greater things are on the horizon with a collaboratory effort from Producer DIMI on, "Don't Want You." On her debut single this year, "Don't Want You," the Ontario-bred, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Victoria Gouveia emerges with an intoxicatingly hazy vibe and lush of deconstructed RnB hit. It's easier to find a singular sound when you're looking into this genre as a whole, which Ms. Gouveia almost entirely redefines. She exceeds at the kind of whimsical megahits that sound like sinking into black tea in a hazed out hooka-bar. Her new single, however, feels like a likely way forward. Victoria sings and professes elegantly in her reverb washed atmospheric roofs of this swaying lullaby as we're cradled by an ominously droning synthesizer in the forbearing backgrounds of this song—with exceptional production assists from the punchy beats under his Producer "Lil DIMI" moniker. It's some ways this song is more naturally balanced with a sense of space to work, making the vocal production shine and lament on its lyrical meaning. Especially exceptional is the fact that the lyrics are not horrendously cheesy (a noted weak spot for some of RnB's commonplace artists), instead she's adeptly capturing the contrasting weight of a love you know has gone stale. The theme's highlight feelings of development, and internal struggle, while also carefully injecting an intention towards self rebirth found through closure.

You can fall in love with "Don't Want You" here.

Hey there, Victoria! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're especially pleased to be highlighting "Don't Want You"! Tell us about your motivation behind this song and how some of your inspirations are highlighted within it?

As cliche as it sounds, it was of course inspired by love and heartache. This was the first song I wrote after I got out of a very toxic relationship with someone dealing with a drug addiction. A relationship filled with manipulation, dishonesty, and hurt, led me to write a very organic song that is now a huge part of me. It gave me an opportunity to really dig deeper within myself and let my fans in a little closer to me. Out of all 9 songs I have released, this is by far the most candor one. My hope is that all my listeners who have dealt with toxicity and disloyalty in their life can relate and take something from this song. Whether that be a feeling and emotion, or closure and understanding.

This emotion behind this song could have been presented with a multitude of different energies. Why did you end up deciding to choose this sort of vibe and theme when formulating this song? 

The way it's sung was just how it naturally came to me... I didn't really think about it too much, it's just how my voice was expressing itself at that time. It's dark and moody; just like how the relationship was. But also has a sensual and ambient vibe to it that to me, eases the mind. Especially during the outro. It's a lot of airy tones and adlibs that just sets the vibe... To me, this is the perfect song to listen to watch the sunset, or at night time on my ones haha. That's when it will hit best. 

Is there an artist or performer from the past you borrow from or aspire to be like when channeling your creative energy, or are you trying to develop your own defining qualities from pure scratch?

For this song in particular, I was originally inspired by Sabrina Claudio. Her album "Truth Is" is all really slowed down R&B, and clearly about a past love. I loved the mood of her whole project, and I remember going to my producer and saying "I want a vibe like this! But with our own spin." And sure enough within 20 minutes he whipped up this beat and I instantly meshed with it. With that being said, even though I gained inspiration from her, I definitely feel like this song opened me up to find my own sound a little more and experimenting with it, and will be able to continue to do so more and more. I hope that one dayI'msomeone that an artist can find inspiration from. 

Thanks for being here with us at BuzzMusic! What are some of the next steps for you? Are you planning on collaborating with anyone special in the future? 

With all this time on my hands during quarantine, I decided to expand my knowledge a little bit and started to educate myself more on the production side of things. I downloaded Logic, bought myself a keyboard controller with some drum pads on it, and I've been playing around with recording and mixing my vocals myself. It's been a challenging but super fun process so far. I've already learned so much! And to be honest, it feels nice to be more independent and not have to depend on others so much. It's all on my own time, my own setting and vibe, and I get to really create the sound that I want and finalize what sounds good to my ears and not someone else's. At this point, once Don't Want You is out of the spotlight a little bit, my plan is to release a minimum of two songs a month for the next little while; at least on Soundcloud. I want my fans to constantly have something to look forward to and be engaged with. As for collaboration, I have a couple of exciting features & projects in the works, but I can't give too much away on that just yet! 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Drops on drops on drops! My goal this year is to constantly be releasing singles, to release a new project (maybe even two), and film another 2-3 music videos. I've had an acting background for over 13 years so I hope to be incorporating that in these videos one way or another. Even if it's not a music video per se. I've always been super into the arts, so I definitely want to be able to showcase that side of me a little bit more. I've already wrapped up filming a short film this year and a music video, so at this point I'm just trying to hop on as many creative projects as I can! Along with all that I definitely want to be doing more live performances this year. I was on a roll until COVID unfortunately started, but soon enough I'll hopefully be back on stage!