Vida Sets the Vibe Right with New Single “The Moon”

Coming from the Bay Area in California, today we are blessed to be listening to “The Moon” by singer/ songwriter and producer, Vida

As soon as the song starts, you are instantly hit with a vibe of Lana Del Rey and if you are anything like me, you won’t find this to be a bad thing. At all. “The Moon” is a vibe that takes you away on a beach with someone you love and you’re free from everything else around you. The song starts with piano and guitar leads, then brought in is the spaced-out vocals with cool annunciations and melodies. The drums are trap-Esq and provide something unique to the Lana inspired sound. This song is a feeling of nighttime, I couldn’t imagine listening to this on a bright sunny day, but that’s just me. Very catchy vocal melodies that are also reminiscent of Nirvana, which is a listed influence of Vida. Lastly, the song is very short, just over 2 minutes long - but it’s enough to feel the Pacific Ocean in the captured vibe of “The Moon”. Thanks for bringing us there, Vida!

There is more to come from Vida - she is young and powerful as she is a producer and taking the right steps to expand her craft. Lots to keep your eyes and ears on her for, don’t miss out and listen to “The Moon” on all streaming services today!

Listen to "The Moon" here.

Thanks for talking with us today at Buzz Music! How old were you when you first heard Lana Del Rey? What was happening and how did it instantly impact your art?

 I was about 12 when I first discovered her. Right, when I heard her music I just thought it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard and I thought to myself “I want to make beautiful music just like this” I tried to mimic her writing styling at that young age and would ask myself “what would Lana do?”

What inspired you to become self-produced?

making music has been something I would just do. But, I wanted to expand my abilities so I got a laptop when I turned 18. Making my own self produced music was just always the plan for me. I also feel like there aren’t enough female producers in the industry and I think there needs to be more.

How do you find being so close to the Pacific Ocean has inspired your music?

I love the ocean so much and feel blessed to live so close to it! I really like singing about the ocean because it’s a really beautiful thing. The ocean is so big and so mysterious and we really don’t know what’s going on in there. I guess it inspires my music in a way where I want my music to also sound a little mysterious.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

this one is hard because I would love to perform all over the world. I want to go everywhere and spread my music all over. But, if I had to choose one place it’ll probably be Italy. I don’t know I’ve just always wanted to go there, it looks pretty over there. Maybe the people would enjoy my tunes.

Lastly, what do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

id hope they take away how different my music sounds. I’d want people to listen to my music and think “hm I’ve never heard something like this before.” I also just want people to enjoy whatever I’m putting out. I love it when people can relate and connect with my music that means I’m on the right path.