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Vinlisa Tells Us Why It’s Only “You”

Vinlisa's soft and smooth voice has us frantic in her new single, "You." Her perfect R&B vibes have us nostalgic, and with such bold instrumentals, we're in for a great ride. Exploring the depths of R&B, singer-songwriter Vinlisa produces intoxicating art and a sensual journey into the mind of a young woman at the peak of her powers.

Now based in Los Angeles, Vinlisa spent her formative days studying music in New Orleans. That experience opened many doors for the Cambodian-American artist and allowed her to evolve and progress as an individual. With records like "He Like It" gaining attention on Spotify and her audience multiplying, her place among the stars is guaranteed.

Adding to this promise is her newest single, "You."Starting to set ablaze, Vinlisa proves her value once again. She sings with emotion and hope as she says, "I need you right now," Vinlisa's tone is music to our ears (literally) as she sings about what she'll do for her partner and how the things he does makes her happy to be with him.

Vinlisa continues to mention how she wishes she had more time with him in lyrics like "Wonder if you'd stay for a while" and "Never wanna lose on our time," and now it's getting even more relatable. She then says how the experience they had together was so unique and unforgettable, and as we round off, she repeats, "I got you," and isn't that all the confirmation we want from who we love?

"You" is fantastically formulated with the perfect mixture of a highly appealing beat and vocals so bold it has us staring at the ceiling, missing someone we haven't seen in years. We love a structural song with passion and drive, and Vinlisa pulled that off perfectly. We are so amped for you to hear this smashing song, "You."

Let's keep the love flowing with Vinlisa's new hit single, "You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Vinlisa. We are so happy you could join us today! We love your new song "You" please tell us what inspired your creative process was like when writing this record and what was the most fun part of creating it?

First of all, thank you so much for having me! I think it’s funny when people ask what inspired my new song because they assume it’s about a certain someone when in reality, it’s me creating a fantasy that I’ve wanted. So, that was the headspace I was in for “You,” and my producer Jack showed me a vocal loop he chopped up. I hummed some melodies and sang some lines, and the song progressed. The best part of the process was the chorus, which was a last-minute input that we layered and layered with harmonies to create the ambiance of the entire song.

"You" has some memorable moments as well as relatable. What did you want your listeners to take away from it?

I wanted to create a sultry song from a female’s perspective. So, if anything, I want my ladies to feel empowered and sexy. Sometimes, similar songs from a male’s perspective can be degrading, and it kind of kills the whole vibe. That’s why “You” is one for the girlies.

What was it like moving from New Orleans to California? Are there any memorable experiences you'd like to share with us?

The move from New Orleans to Los Angeles was a process: financially, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve always wanted to move to LA because I enjoyed the idea of starting fresh, living in a big city, and being around other creatives. The most memorable experience I had during my process of moving to LA was when I stayed in Oakland temporarily with Jack. We spent a lot of our time exploring the Bay area and being in nature. It was the mental reset I needed before we headed off to LA to start living the dream.

R&B and pop seem like your main genres to listen to, or are there any other genres you like dabbling into?

Yes, those two are my biggest genres, in addition to rap. Other than that, I’m open to all types of music as long as it has a nice tune. I’ve also been venturing outside of R&B and pop a little for the upcoming songs I’ve been working on, so I’m excited to catch everyone’s reaction for these next few releases.

What's next for you?

At the moment, I am still up and coming so I would like to gain more traction by being more consistent as an artist. In other words, my next moves will be performing at more showcases, posting more singles, and growing my social media platforms. I plan on releasing an R&B album once I feel like I’m in a comfortable position to let my hard work go out in the world.



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