Virtual Experience Festival Charity Concert

Hey guys, It’s great to chat with you – we are really excited about the Virtual Festival you are organizing and we would love to hear more from you about the details. Can you already announce a date and how to access the live streaming on the festival date?

With the cancellations of large scale entertainment events due to COVID-19, our team, UNKNOWN Entertainment decided to step up and help the community. We partnered up with EVO KING Management to bring back the festival experience to quarantined festival lovers around the globe via digital. Yes, the dates will be June 19-21st 2020. We are currently working on making the festival available on YouTube and Twitch.

Your company UNKNOWN Entertainment INC. is a navigated entertainment agency that has already organized successful events in the past years. How would you describe your philosophy and what is an example of a past music event you’ve organized?

Our philosophy is delivering events out of the ordinary and that’s why we always focus on the production side of all the events we do. In 2019 we hosted UNKNOWN Festival which was Canada’s Biggest Fashion and Music Festival to ever be done, and that was only our first edition. Everyone that came to the festival was very impressed with how our production turned out and that we were able to make them experience senses like never before.

Do you already have a line-up and how can we keep our readers up to date with all things of the Virtual Festival?

We currently have about 40 artists that will be involved (dancers, magicians and singers/bands/DJs). This is not just a music festival, it’s a festival that will have it all. We are releasing the line-up, but we just want to say that we are very grateful to have artists from all over the world to contribute their time to make a positive difference; a lot of those artists performed at Miami Festival, Ultra Festival, Tomorrowland and much more.

We know it’s a really hard moment for everybody, and we really appreciate you guys for making the effort to put in place such a great event, with such a noble cause. Can you give us more details about how this live streaming event will help the community affected by COVID-19?

Those are difficult times for everybody. The challenge exists for all of us and the solution is to unite and work together like we never have before. That’s why we will be donating EVERYTHING to Red Cross and Food Bank. Both of those charities have programs that support the communities affected by COVID -19 and they have been making a difference for a long time.

Well, we can’t wait to be right under your virtual stage and enjoy the event. Anyone you’d like to shout out?

We would like to give a big shout out to Natasha & Daniel from EVO KING Management for believing in this idea and for stepping in to help. Also a big thank you to Nicholas Kinnear (known as DJ UPSIDE) and Alexander Leonidas (known as DJ A.J. Leo) for being more than just DJs for the festival and for putting in extra work to make sure everything will run smoothly. Thank you to Maria, our PR agent that has been working hard to help us spread the word about the festival. And thank you to all the artists and their teams who took time out of their days and spent their OWN money to create these incredible performances that we can’t wait to share with you all.