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Visenya Stimulates Their Listener With, “Simple Conversations”

Visenya is a four-piece band from Piscataway, New Jersey, Established in the year of 2014. Visenya released their debut EP titled “Common Place” and one of the leading singles off this project was the exhilarating song titled, “Simple Conversations”. “Simple Conversations” gave me strong rock and roll vibes. With an invigorating energetic vibration, the chaotic instruments gives you this high adrenaline rush. However, Visenya doesn’t just remain stimulated, Instead they undergo transitions in dynamics from loud and brashful to soft-toned and melodic. An interesting quality noticed in this record was how the emotional conviction also went through a multitude of different high-powered dynamics, while still remaining passionately driven. Need us to go more in depth with that? Well think of it this way, when the vocalist in Visenya slows the tempo down and allows the chords to shift into a mellifluous and sweet-textured tone, the vocalist delivers a more vulnerable and off-guarded element. When the instruments pick back up into a bad-ass chaotic mix, The vocals become piercing, delinquent, and brashful! While still delivering the element of emotions that’s presented in the lyrics.

Check out "Simple Conversations" and read more with Visenya below in our exclusive interview.

Thank you for sharing your music with us Visenya! Who are some of your influences as a band? In what ways have they inspired you!?

Thanks for talking to us and featuring us! Our influences are constantly changing because we all listen to so much music. These are each band members' current musical influences:James (vocals) - Panic! At The Disco/Brendan Urie, Craig David, ParamoreChris (guitar) - I The Mighty, Circa Survive, John Mayer Brian (bass) - Mastodon, Mayhem, CynicNick (drums) - Dance Gavin Dance, Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada

Talk to us about this EP, “Common Place”. What was the major theme you were getting at?

The major theme of "Common Place" is that every song is written about a personal experience of mine, but the situations are ones that I feel most people go through. Things like self-doubt, uncertainty about the future, relationships, etc are all commonplace issues that everyone goes through in their lives, and I hope people will be able to relate to the songs in their own way through their own experiences.

In what ways does your single “Simple Conversations” fit into the message of “Common Place”?

"Simple Conversations" is about telling someone you like how you feel about them. The anxiety that you feel about doing that, and the uncertainty that they might not feel the same way about you. It might sound lame, but it's something that everyone goes through. If you have feelings for someone, just put yourself out there and go for it!

What about “Simple Conversations” stands out to you as a band?

Personally I feel like it's a super marketable song. Like, if you show it to people who don't usually listen to rock music, they'll still find a way to vibe with it because of how sing-song-y and catchy the vocal melodies are (the chorus especially). I think it's a good way to ease them into the rest of the EP, which does have its heavier moments, but keeps that same vocally catchy spirit throughout. I think if people are already fans of alt rock/post-hardcore they'll like the whole EP, but Simple Conversations is just a smoother and easier transition haha.

What’s next for you Visenya? Any exciting upcoming performances?

Right now we're working on marketing the EP and spreading it around however we can (like doing this interview!). We want to grow our fanbase so we can have a means to tour in the future and know that fans will show up. We have some content up our sleeves that we're planning on releasing soon, and in the meantime we have a hometown show on July 20th (in Dunellen, NJ) with our boys in The View From Here that we hope to see a bunch of people at. We're also waiting to hear back about a pretty big show we might be opening later in the summer, but we don't have any further details on that one. Sorry for the tease haha.


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