Vividly Experience the Intense Energy of Maso·K·Ist in "Pro-Create Hate"

Are you ready for Maso·K·ist again? His music completely encapsulates his expressive persona, which allows the listeners to vividly understand who Maso·K·ist really is artistical. Maso·K·ist incorporates extremely striking and potent material within his creations. Such material can be seen as borderline volatile but captures the listener's complete attention nonetheless. There is never a point throughout Maso·K·ist's music that you'll sense a lack of passion. Maso·K·ist pours all that he has into his musical curations, and that fierce passion can be effortlessly felt all the way through. One of his most recent compelling releases, "Pro-Create Hate" captures the sharp vision of Maso·K·ist, such a vision that can only be truly understood through listening to the track.

Maso·K·ist never waivers on his forceful persona. "Pro-Create Hate" surges with intensity for the entirety of the track, which sets the overall mood right from the start. Maso·K·ist reveals his dark side lyrically throughout "Pro-Create Hate", and this allows listeners to connect on a deeper and darker level with the artist. Maso·K·ist's artistry is a true blend of electrifying passion. It's clear to us that as an artist, Maso·K·ist encompasses the very essence of what it is to be punk/metal. Maso·K·ist takes punk elements, which are evidently embedded throughout the production, and intertwines them with a more grungy outflow of vocalism. His artistry never disappoints throughout the punk/metal scene. Maso·K·ist's music makes our hearts pound and blood rush, which we solely believe any punk and metal track has to master. 

Listen to "Pro-Create Hate" here.

Welcome back Maso·K·ist! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us on your most recent single "Pro-Create Hate". How did you collect the energy required to produce such a single?

“Pressure to have the song finished in time for the recording of our ‘Sex Sells’ ep. My friend Ryan Hommy who produced my record, and I began talking making the record in December 2017 with plans to enter the studio in early January, so I had a few weeks but am a notorious procrastinator. So procrastination and having a deadline is where I got my energy. *Laughs

How would you describe the takeaway message listeners should receive throughout "Pro-Create Hate"? Do you always ensure there's a takeaway from the majority of your songs, or are the songs simply a platform for you to express your inner passion?

There’s always something to take away, it just depends on if you’re willing to take it. I’m not forcing you to do anything, leave it even… don’t ever touch it again if it disgusts you. All that being said there’s this subliminal theme in ‘Pro-Create Hate’ which I like to think promotes self –love one of the songs juxtapositions… I did it on purpose because with my sense of humor I figured no one would pick up on it. On the surface of the track, there’s definitely a message of how we’re living in a society where we all get off to our own erotic fantasies with a self-destructive tendency to repeat error because let’s face it… you kind of like it and it’s all in the reoccurring repetitive motion I state in the chorus of the song.

Was there any wavering in your vision for "Pro-Create Hate" throughout the writing and recording aspect? Do you typically find your vision remains constant while creating a song?

My vision does usually remains constant, yes, but I usually change my lyrics 3 to 5 times. I find that I’ll have a message or theme in mind, but maybe at first I’m too vague so I need to be more descriptive, or add a curse word here, or be more punk rock about it there, perhaps be a little more honest and sincere… or sometimes I even like to be dishonest so that I’ve totally f*cked your brains out by the end of the track and you don’t even know. For ‘Pro-Create Hate’ I had to sit down with my drummer Jordan Lysenko and together we got on the topic of masturbation, amongst other forms of fun and it all took off from there.

Are there any aspects of music you could find yourself embedding within your current songs? Are there any genres you don't think you could ever blend into tracks like "Pro-Create Hate"?

When it comes to music it you can really do anything depending on your knowledge of theory. Would I personally take the time to embed certain aspects of music or blend genres in my current existing songs you can access on the Internet? No, I’m kind of lazy… and am probably already writing more songs.  In terms Maso·K·ist I already have ideas kicking around for different albums that might see the light of day or maybe not, and they’re all different moods, genres, and aspects of music… I like to keep things versatile, but when it comes to a full-length album I enjoy consistency in sound and lyrical themes for sure.

"Pro-Create Hate" is finally released and out there! What's the next step for you artistically from here? Will you be performing anywhere, or recording more songs to keep the energy alive?

I might release some garage style recordings of songs that didn’t quite make the cut for my Sex Sells ep in the New Year. Other than that I just really need to focus on taking good care of myself and make that the number one priority… I may do something drastic soon though. I don’t know what but it’s coming, I’m at this weird place in life that I feel is what you might call a ‘mid-life crisis’ except I’m 23 so it’s allowed and not frowned upon. My ‘Sex Sells’ ep was released Friday, Dec 6th… Check it out on Spotify Or Apple Music when you have a second, you might like it…. or really hate yourself for giving the record the time of day.