"Wait" No Longer, Yung Damon! is Here to Turn Up the Heat

The perfect prototype of a go-getter, Yung Damon! is successfully emerging amongst the new wave generation of Hip-hop that we are exposed to as he flaunts his crafty lyrical talent like no other in his class.

Hailing from Savannah, GA, Yung Damon! collaborates with producer extraordinaire Ant Chamberlain to present his most recent single and music video. “Wait,” carries out a colossal soundscape that has the bass categorized in a heavyweight class. Yung Damon! demonstrates his lyrical dexterity in a blistering pool of fully immersive intoxication as he explores the depths of the prevailing poise emitted in a full offering of fluent tonal distinction conveyed. The riveting hues that cast larger-than-life anticipation over us take control as they set the driving tendencies that trickle into the intricate schemes displayed over the beat composition.

He is a heavy hitter in the genre of Hip-hop, Yung Damon! exhibits his techniques as a certified emcee. Through his smoldering verses that explode upon impact, the undeniable style of Yung Damon! allows a refreshing taste of his talents to be digested. The heated visuals that Yung Damon! has released for “Wait” have us sitting on the edge of our sea as they keep us on our toes filled to the brim with anticipation. Neon lights, quick-cut scenes, and cinematic effects allow Yung Damon! to match the intensity of this single in a lively manner.

Before taking in the full sonic and visual expedition of Yung Damon! we urge you to grab a comfy seat and turn your energy levels up all the way. You’re in for a treat.