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Wakai Takes Rap Music To New Heights In “Blaze”

Young up and coming rap artist Wakai is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native. At only 18 years old, Wakai has developed a finely-tuned sound. His musical inspirations growing up were founded listening to his father’s collection of music. Legends like OutKast, Erykah Badu and Earth, Wind & Fire helped shape Wakai into the artist he is today. Now using for modern influences for inspiration, Wakai fuses the old and the new to create a fresh and unique sound. Not only a talented solo artist, Wakai is a member of the six man group Col-Der-Sac and the cofounder of a clothing brand called Upperkut.

Wakai’s newest release, “Marie Demo” is an impressive EP that includes the untold stories of what it’s like to grow up in Baton Rouge today. Featured on the EP, “Blaze” by Wakai is a hot hip-hop track that’s reminiscent of slow paced and smooth retro R&B. Hypnotizing sound arrangements take you on a journey through Wakai storytelling aspects and highlights of his life. I can evidently hear his OutKast influence coming through the speakers. I’d love to hear the meaning behind the lyrics of this song, I believe the message in general is to relax and “Blaze”. Wakai creates music that his listeners can chill and relate to. He uses his intricate ear for modern new sound and fuses that with his raw talent and lyricism that keep his fans coming back for more. Expressing creativity through his lyrics and sound, Wakai is an artist on the rise. Stay on the lookout! Listen to "Blaze" here!

Hi Wakai! How did you develop such an incredible ear for new sounds at such a young age?

I grew up with 2 older sisters both 90s babies so that sound and the early 2000s sound influenced me heavy.

Do you still try to use your more retro influence to inspire your sound today?

I really just try to give a feeling. Sometimes I wanna be suave like its 1977 sometimes I wanna cruise like its 1996 it just depends on my mood & the image i’m trying to convey.

What is the overall theme of your EP “Marie Demo”?

The image of a late night cruising down Baton Rouge , Louisiana & the things you see.

What was the writing process like for “Blaze”? What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

I called the homies to the studio and we were pressed cause everybody was low on bud & the girl I was hitting up at the time always worked mad late & I just remember telling her if I could change how things were id be me and her kicking it lighting up.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

I would make a song with Erykah Badu. The way she just sets a vibe on everything she touches like effortlessly is beautiful. Didn’t Cha Know & On & On changed my life made me wanna make music to begin with.


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