"Wake Up in the Sky," with the Effervescent Shades of Baby Jesus Paper Boy

Baby Jesus Paper Boy is a multi-instrumentalist residing in Chicago. A school teacher by day, he has kept himself busy since his debut release in the fall of 2020. Premiering his music with a live band for an Audiotree Live session, Baby Jesus Paper Boy is bringing a jangly 80s college radio approach to his psychedelic studio sound.

After spending his winter days recording various new musical creations to share with his audience, Baby Jesus Paper Boy is fresh off the release of his vibrant single "Wake Up in the Sky." Bringing forth a certain balminess reminiscent of sunshiny rays on the West Coast, the funk-fueled universe of golden guitar riffs and virtuous horns has you feeling the warm breeze on your sun-kissed skin as you inhale the nostalgic nods that Baby Jesus Paper Boy pays to some of his musical influences.

Transmitting a buoyant realm of lyrics that fixate on the eternal devotion he has for his baby, we're drawn towards the comedic relief that lies in the invigorating hues of what he would give up for the apple of his eye. The admirable tones of his vocalization snuggly dance upon the instrumentation in an uplifting manner as the engaging world of Baby Jesus Paper Boy becomes more apparent in the progression of "Wake Up in the Sky."

With various solos throughout the arrangement, you're fully drenched in a wide offering of charisma that thoroughly expands on the energetic vitality captured in the essence of each instrument's integrity. Every element has its own moment to breakthrough. Enlisting the talents of engineer extraordinaire Brad Kleyla and his wife Olivia, the soundscape of "Wake Up in the Sky" is meant to embody the inimitability of Baby Jesus Paper Boy as he proves that chivalry is very much alive.