"Wake Up in the Sky," with the Effervescent Shades of Baby Jesus Paper Boy

Baby Jesus Paper Boy is a multi-instrumentalist residing in Chicago. A school teacher by day, he has kept himself busy since his debut release in the fall of 2020. Premiering his music with a live band for an Audiotree Live session, Baby Jesus Paper Boy is bringing a jangly 80s college radio approach to his psychedelic studio sound.

After spending his winter days recording various new musical creations to share with his audience, Baby Jesus Paper Boy is fresh off the release of his vibrant single "Wake Up in the Sky." Bringing forth a certain balminess reminiscent of sunshiny rays on the West Coast, the funk-fueled universe of golden guitar riffs and virtuous horns has you feeling the warm breeze on your sun-kissed skin as you inhale the nostalgic nods that Baby Jesus Paper Boy pays to some of his musical influences.

Transmitting a buoyant realm of lyrics that fixate on the eternal devotion he has for his baby, we're drawn towards the comedic relief that lies in the invigorating hues of what he would give up for the apple of his eye. The admirable tones of his vocalization snuggly dance upon the instrumentation in an uplifting manner as the engaging world of Baby Jesus Paper Boy becomes more apparent in the progression of "Wake Up in the Sky."

With various solos throughout the arrangement, you're fully drenched in a wide offering of charisma that thoroughly expands on the energetic vitality captured in the essence of each instrument's integrity. Every element has its own moment to breakthrough. Enlisting the talents of engineer extraordinaire Brad Kleyla and his wife Olivia, the soundscape of "Wake Up in the Sky" is meant to embody the inimitability of Baby Jesus Paper Boy as he proves that chivalry is very much alive.

We are hooked on your latest single, “Wake Up in the Sky.” It is such a pleasure to be catching up with you. What moment or story inspired the lyrical content that we’re exposed to in “Wake Up in the Sky?"

The earliest pieces of Wake Up in the Sky started coming together late last summer. This song came to me while I was practicing on my front porch one beautiful summer evening and smoking a cigar, which is pretty much as corny of a set-up as you can get. I think that's where the old-timey throwback vibes initially came from, and we ran with them pretty much every chance we got. Sometimes you can get stuck writing a song for months or years, but this was one of those lucky situations where I wrote the entire song-and-lyrics combo in about 45 minutes. It took me longer to finish the cigar!

You’ve joined forces with Brad Kleyla for yet another project, and we love the dynamism that is picked up in the production quality. You also feature Brad's wife Olivia in this song as she contributed organ, vocals, and horns to round out the reminiscent hues captured. What was it like working together on this track?

I love working with them because they're like a wrecking crew for adding a lot of lush instrumentation to the mix. We're still working entirely remotely, but Brad and I have thrown around the idea of booking some studio time at his place sometime in the future to collaborate in person and record a whole bunch of new material. That would be a totally new musical rabbit hole for us that I look forward to making happen soon.

Artistry is full of illusions at times. Your fan base would never guess that this song was written right in the middle of winter. How did you tap into your inner West Coast, beachy Tom Jones ambiance in order to portray the exact sound that you wanted on this track?

I think an important part of being an artist is being able to create something based on what inspires you rather than what is going on in your life at that particular time. Personal experience in art is great, but being able to take a step back and distinguish the art from the artist also helps to make your message more universal. So even though I was recording this tune in the early morning darkness with sub-0 temperatures outside, you can definitely hear where my head was at when you play the track. Plus I'm kind of a hippy, outdoorsy type so that fun-in-the-sun stuff is in my nature anyway.

You’ve mentioned that there will be a series of singles to come this year. We’re excited to hear it! What can you tell us about what we have in store?

Hell yeah! Right now I'm sitting on some recorded material that I'm excited to release into the world, and then I plan to keep recording into the summertime. I don't wanna give too much away, but so far each track has a pretty different vibe from one to the next. The last time I recorded a batch of songs, they were all released on the same album (My debut S/T album, which dropped in November of 2020) and therefore had a similar overarching aesthetic. The fun of recording singles like I'm doing now is that you get a different vibe out of the box each time. So while Wake Up in the Sky is all optimistic and cute, I think you would be surprised if you listened to the next one and expected that same feeling.

What can fans anticipate to hear next?

Follow me on Instagram and Spotify (ahem!) and stay tuned. I recorded a Livestream with Audiotree last month that was just released on Spotify, YouTube, and more this week. It was fun to arrange my songs for a live band for the first time, let alone play music with other people on a stage for the first time since the pandemic started. With our 5-piece instrumentation, we ended up going with more of an 80s college radio vibe. So if that's your thing, check out Baby Jesus Paper Boy live at Audiotree. My forthcoming singles will be released throughout the spring, so keep your eyes peeled for that and stream my latest single Wake Up in the Sky Friday, April 9th!