Wan Fuels a Passionate Fire With Sincere Single, "Light (That Never Goes Out)"

The Maryland-based Alternative-Pop Artist Wan releases a sincere single full of heart and soul with his recent hit, "Light (That Never Goes Out)." Leading listeners into bliss through his meaningful lyricism, Wan expresses that it's okay to feel every inch of your emotions, especially towards men. Without listening to the criticism he faces as an artist, Wan is truly an inspiration for anyone in need of a healthy push. 

His latest single, "Light (That Never Goes Out)," drifts through the celestials with modern R&B instrumentation that merges with the bright aura of Pop. While creating everything from his bedroom, we're wildly impressed with the overall texture and quality of this single delivers. 

"Light (That Never Goes Out)" opens with beautifully edited acoustic guitar, and Wan's vocals tuned to a lower, more demonic tone. Not to mention being brilliantly layered, the low-tone his vocals deliver perfectly compliment that song's heartfelt atmosphere. 

Wan's heartfelt lyrics describe the infinite love he has for someone that still aches today, given their troubled past. About halfway through the song, heated drum breaks enter the track and add this sweltering sensation that lies on the border of Pop and R&B while the supporting instrumentals are held together by a melodic whistle and warm acoustic guitar. 

Closing the song with the utmost passion through Wan's delicate vocals and uniquely pitched delivery, "Light (That Never Goes Out)" offers listeners a warm sonic embrace with the atmosphere's overall tenderness.

Hello Wan and welcome to BuzzMusic. We're mesmerized by the overall warmth and tenderness exuding from your single "Light (That Never Goes Out)." Was it challenging to sit down and create a track so deep from the heart?

Thank You so much! I would say it was easy creating the track because it was from the heart. I've always been vulnerable to music. I feel like it's the only way I can effectively express myself. I wanted to be transparent with people and let people know it's okay to still think about someone you spent a lot of time with. It's like once it's over were supposed to move on but we all still have feelings locked away. You still think about the person that once meant some much to you. 

Regarding the blissful instrumentation and production within "Light (That Never Goes Out)," why did you decide to fuse elements of Pop and R&B for the song's sound?

I guess starting out I wanted a warm guitar sound and then that led to other sounds I thought would be really cool to compliment it. I wanted it to be where you could close your eyes and get lost in the track. I collaborated with a close producer that helped execute the sounds I really was going for. I also grew up listening to a lot of R&B so I could see how you would consider some parts of the sound to be. 

What inspired the unique vocal pitch within your single "Light (That Never Goes Out)"? How did this vocal element add to the vision you had for the song?

I wanted to do something different. I wanted to spice things up a bit. I haven't really messed around with formant shifting in the past but thought it would be cool to give it a try. I normally just go with my normal singing voice but I think it's something about the pitch shift that makes the vocals stand out. I feel like it was just the right thing to do on this specific track. I would say Brockhampton and Kanye West's 808's inspired the formant shift. 

How does "Light (That Never Goes Out)" differ from the rest of your discography? Do you usually release such passionate and desirous music?

I would say it's different from the rest of my discography because the songwriting is better and the production is a lot better from my past works. I really wanted to nail songwriting in the butt this time around and I think it's good but still has a long way to go. I definitely release such passionate music. I feel like I'm just one of those artists. I want to express myself to the fullest and release every emotion I have in my body. I feel like I wouldn't be myself if I didn't make this type of music because it's my experience. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I would say just wanting to get better at making music whether it's songwriting or producing. I would also say the amount of music that is coming out due to circumstances. There is a lot of good music coming out daily I've been paying attention to. Also, I would say having a lot of free time on my hands to learn about different subject matters to improve my overall life. I literally sit in the house and do research all day and read about how to become a better musician. Lastly, I would say wanting to go into the new year swinging. I want to go into the new year ahead of the curve.