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Waterfront Shakes Your Core With "Backbreaker"

With no foreseeable end to a music scene deprived of gigs and struck by the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, Waterfront sought to dig deeper in prioritizing their craft to make a riot out of their shared love of energized music.

Traveling to Vancouver, Canada during the summer of 2020, Waterfront went on to partner with Garrett Ward and Dan Botch of The Faceplants and The Renaissance to produce their forthcoming EP, ‘New Heights.’ Through the lifelong memories created, Waterfront is extremely proud to continue their journey and solidify the endurance they take with them to rise to all challenges as a band.

“Backbreaker” is the product of hard work and perseverance that has surfaced from the deep to bring forth the heavy-hitting energy Waterfront seamlessly creates. Intensifying in a realm of syncopated liveliness, Waterfront produces an immense resonance.

Chugging guitar riffs that surround colossal percussion and the jive of a rhythmic bass line have us copiously engrossed in the musical fortitude that Waterfront presents as an entirety. Enhancing the dissonant soundscape with roaring vocals bellowing from a place fueled by passion, “Backbreaker” is rich in sonic turbulence. Searing across this arrangement, the musical amalgamation allows each element to shine in its own light, as well as glisten individually.

Enthralled by the tempo that has your head bopping from side to side, you feel the angst that drips from this composition. Our jaw hit the floor when we heard the blistering guitar solo that unleashes a moment of signature rock n roll virtuosity that sends us through waves of nostalgia. “Backbreaker” delivers a surge of power through your speakers as you bask in the boisterous essence of Waterfront. Fluently moving in a motion that has you shook to your core, the vitality that is fashioned in this track is truly one for the books.

We love the edginess that surfaces in “Backbreaker.” Could you please take us into the inspiration behind this song?

“Backbreaker” was one of the first songs our band wrote and like a lot of our recent opportunities, it brought us together at the very onset of Waterfront. It was that one song we looked forward to every show and every set. We would be playing a show and having the time of our lives, but in the back of our mind it was “Backbreaker is only one more song away”. That driving force had us feeling special about this song and even more so to have it finally recorded years later and ready to release. We’re hoping this song gets people feeling good and rocking out in their rooms somewhere because we will be too!

What was the experience of traveling to Vancouver in order to record your forthcoming EP like? Did you find that creativity and energy hit differently being away from home?

The experience was great. We didn’t really know what to expect. We had previously recorded ourselves independently as music production students at the University of Lethbridge for fun so packing ourselves up and going to Vancouver for a week or so stretch was completely unknown territory. The energy once we arrived was amazing. We really hit the ground running and that’s thanks to everyone’s dedication, hard work, and preparations. Dan Botch and Garrett ward of The Renaissance music produced this song and the rest of our EP. Their guidance was priceless, and they helped foster a vision and direction that we’re taking into our futures together.

What do listeners have in store with the ‘New Heights’ EP? Do you think that “Backbreaker,” reflects the project in a direct way?

Listeners will have a great time hitting the replay button if our experience privately listening to these songs for months means anything. We’re super happy with what we came away with and proud to share it with everyone else. Backbreaker absolutely carries that energy forward from New Heights and yet we still have a few more surprises left in store for the project!

What’s the main message that you send out to your audience as a band?

If we had to specify one message for our audience, it's perhaps that we’re here for you! We make these songs to share our defining moments with anyone who may also identify with what comes out of those speakers. We want to share our experiences and hear about yours. So, always feel welcome to communicate with us on any of our platforms. No one is alone and you’re not expected to drag yourself out of a low by yourself. It took us as an entire band to reach out for newer heights and we’d like to bring our audience with us.



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