We Are Eating Up Lyndon Laveaux's Latest Hit "Delicious"

Coming to us from Dade County, Florida, Lyndon Laveaux brings us his fresh release "Delicious." Considering himself a lifelong student in the School of Music, Lyndon is creating ear-catching beats and stirring thought-provoking lyrics. Lyndon began his artistic path through spoken word poetry and through the encouragement of his mentors Lyndon dove into the Hip-hop industry.

Lyndon delivers his verses in a sleek and stylish presentation of free-flowing lines. His lyrical composition is methodically strung together to generate a hypnotizing mystique over the listener. There is a fast sequence of chiming notes that darkly dance throughout the track. A dirty pulsating beat fills the background space that creates an exotic aura to the track. Speaking of exotic, Lyndon has crafted a set of steamy, explicit lyrics depicting a wild, sex infused visit to a gentleman's club. "Delicious" features the rapping's of Yungchase215, he explodes onto the track similar to the explosions seen in the back rooms of these clubs. His rhymes unleash another level of hot and sticky aura's that paint an erotic picture for the listener. Lyndon's repetition of five simple words resonate throughout the song and become a familiar touchstone for the listener who will have you lip-syncing along with Lydon's deliver of: "what is it? exquisite, delicious." Get on this fresh track today and listen to "Delicious" now.

Discover "Delicious" here.

Hello Lyndon and welcome back to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest release "Delicious." Can you tell us a bit about the song and how it came about?

Well, I have to give a special shout out to the producer of this record Silver Screens. He hit me up one day on IG and asked if I wanted to collab, he was always a creative I admired, so for him to approach me about collabing felt like an honor. So as I was going through his beats, and I came upon the beat that would eventually become Delicious. I think there's a marriage that happens between an MC and a beat when the stars line up properly, I heard that beat and something about it resonated with me. It was visceral, dark, and sexy. My preference in songwriting is having the beat come first and have it tell me what to write about. That lead to me writing about being in a strip club, the incredibly talented dancers who keep us entertained. Then you add the talents of JB from The Track Burnaz who mixed the record, he took the song to new heights. It takes a village to make a song, and JB is for sure one of the chiefs in my circle. He consistently elevates my records. Truly grateful for those in my circle, they bring the best out of me. "Delicious" paints a lyrical picture through your verses. What does the songwriting process entail for you?

Well, as mentioned before I prefer when the beat comes first. Now granted I can write the song first and have brilliant members in my circle such as Ruben Raymond of The Track Burnaz make a phenomenal beat off my lyrics, but I prefer when the beat comes first. The beat informs me what the song is gonna be, what my cadence/rhyme signature is gonna be. To me songwriting is like a puzzle, the beat is gonna be what it's gonna be in the sense the bpm (beats per minute) is gonna be set in a certain way, transitions are what they are but then you as the artist add your instrument to the piece. You bring your puzzle pieces and complete the picture as an MC. Rakim has been once known to say that when he was younger he would hear Jazz and would see a picture being painted in his mind's eye, he felt if musicians could paint with instrumentals, he should be able to do so with lyrics, I'm from that school of thought. Yungchase215 brings an aggressive prowess to the track. How did the collaboration come about?

Well once I figured what the song was gonna be, I knew I had to have Chase on it. He is such a talent, I wholeheartedly believe in him as an artist. I knew he would bring an immaculate flavor to this record. He delivered and then some. I'm excited to see where his journey takes him, anything that's in my power to aid him on his path will be done. He was a fantastic addition to this record. In what ways do you want to influence a listener with your music?

To me if I make you feel anything, then I have done my job as an artist, none of us are one dimensional as an individual, so you'll never get just one school of thought from me. This song brought the ratchet out of me, but another record may bring the conscious part of me, but one thing's for sure is you're gonna get an honest version of myself with each song I do. I just want to give the most authentic version of myself with each record, God willing I live my truth and my listener resonates because a piece of me reminds them of a piece of themself. What's next?

Well, I've got some great collabs with some incredible artists such as Disanti, Ray Mitchell, The Track Burnaz, Young Tez, Nathan Bankston, and of course Silver Screens. I will be shooting some visuals as well, in addition, I'll be in background executively producing records for talents such as Dooley Sheen and The Wiley Rogue. I'm appreciative to be in a position to create during these uncertain times doing so has kept me sane and grateful to the team that I have around to keep me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.