We Are Strapped up and Ready for Jesse Gonzalez’ Debut Album

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jesse Gonzalez! We are very excited about your upcoming debut album! What style of music is it? How many songs can we expect? Any singles?

Glad to be here with you BuzzMusic, well first things first it's Spanish rock. Or Latin rock as some call it, just last year in 2019 I released two singles "Trampa de amor" and "Cuando se esconde el sol" which will be featured in the tracklist/Album. You can expect many things since it's the first album I wanted it to be fun awesome.

With your musical style, are there any influences that helped shaped the sounds and style? What was the inspiration behind every song?

I think the inspiration came from the Spanish rock group called "MANA" their style of music is really cool and helped write some of my songs or put together some of my songs such as "Cuando se esconde El sol."

This being your first release, what kinds of challenges did you face during the creation? How did you overcome them? Did you have any help or mentors along the way?

So far the only challenge I faced while working on this album was just fixing some minor errors in one song I had to redo the whole guitar part of the song but in the end, it came together nicely. 

It’s quite exciting to put out a debut release, what inspired you to get into music and now to finally put out material? What inspires you to make music?

I've always been into music, it's a great way to entertain people and just to have my music out there is awesome!