We Can’t Get Enough of JUNO’s Debut Album ‘Help Is Not on the Way'

JUNO is an artist whose story is all about courage, inspiration, fearlessness, and hope. JUNO has played for a wide range of icons that include Camila Cabello, Lizzo, Erykah Badu, Machine Gun Kelly, Fifth Harmony, Estelle, and many more. After touring around the world, JUNO began writing and now finished her debut album 'Help Is Not On The Way' and we are absolutely in love with it.  The third track “Nobody Cares” is full of raw emotion, each lyric being sang has JUNO’s full amount of energy and passion that clearly shows how she feels inside. With lyrics like “I scream out at the top of my lungs, just to see if anybody will come” JUNO is able to touch on serious subjects while also keeping a fun, almost playful, energetic vibe that can get anyone to be dancing. The second last song off of the ‘Help Is Not On The Way album, “Oh Diane” brings the tempo down but introduces a clever little bounce with the masterfully played accent guitar and the mellow trumpet. “Oh Diane” takes a very organic approach in a production style that beautifully compliments JUNO’s honest songwriting, lyrics like “I’ve been feeling lost, could you be my friend” show that even someone like JUNO has downs and it is possible to be picked back up. It’s very easy to hear while listening that every song of JUNO comes from the heart and we cannot recommend enough for everyone to give her debut album ‘Help Is Not On The Way’ a listen. You can find JUNO’s debut album ‘Help Is Not On The Way here.