We Heard It Here First! No Signal Drops Brand New LP “Seat Of Dreams”

Welcome to the mind of a "digital native". No Signal creator Riley Schmelzer was raised on the Internet with virtually every video, news clip, song and image available to him. This immersive experience gave him a unique perspective that is notably wide and deep. At age 14 Riley expressed his views by writing, singing and playing every instrument on his debut EP "Circle in the Sky".  Choosing to go against the grain of the same old “poppy” noise we hear everyday, he chose to create a series of stories that intonate warnings to the human race that serve both as a foreshadow to where the world is headed if we do not start making changes. 

“Seat Of Dreams” by No Signal is an intense and hard-hitting rock LP laced with elements of grit and garage-rock that is a refreshing and much needed addition to the music industry. To start the album off to an explosive start No Signal dives into “The Hunger”, an animalistic and predatory track about the “The Hunger” and desire for attention. We can’t enough of the pummeling guitars and HEAVY bass. As the track continues, were blessed with mind bending and soul crushing guitar solo to take us into the conclusion of a spectacular song and a perfect intro into a heavy rock LP. Things become more melancholic and light as “The Trap” begins, with softer guitar and a catchy riff, “The Trap” truly showcase Riley’s skill as a vocalist and lyricist. It’s no surprise that the experimental rock pro explodes into his well known heavy sound. Riley’s vocal register and emotion are raw and on display throughout the entirety of “The Trap”. “The Arrival” takes a haunting turn, the intro is laced with anticipation for what’s to come, the new-age rock legend has his foot on the gas and is showing no signs of slowing down. Not only does Riley’s project No Signal boast incredible vocals, but “The Arrival” is further proof of his skill as a musician. Ending the track with another, more intricate guitar solo, the instrumentals throughout this album so far have set the bar high for other rock artists to compete with. 

“The Let Down” is my personal favorite track on “Seat Of Dreams”, No Signal is truly emotional and raw through his lyricism and vocal resonance. Wise beyond his years, Riley Schmelzer is 16 and exudes the life experience and passion that someone with 30+ years experience can’t convey. Authentic to the core, “The Let Down” really sets No Signal apart in a big way. The track should galvanize and inspire the current rock music scene. “The Storm” is exactly what we wanted it to be, a rhythmic melting pot of acoustic guitars, meaningful vocals and powerhouse production. Riley Schmelzer shift his vocal register down an octave to truly prove his all around skills as an artist. “Interlude” is exactly that, an anticipation and echoing wind while we wait for the next explosive track. “The Awakening” shines through our speakers and I’m once again blown away by Riley Schmelzer’s voice. No Signal has once again poured his heart and soul into every element of this track. One of the shorter tracks on the album, “The Awakening” is a fully packed 4 minute’s of insane vocalism, hard-hitting instrumentals and an overall mind-blowing track. The namesake track on the album “Seat Of Dreams” brings Riley Schmelzer’s ultimate vision to life. No Signal give us a raw retrospective piece about his outlook on where the world is going today. At almost 14 minutes, “Seat Of Dreams” takes a more serious turn with elements of raw lyricism and vulnerability. The guitar chords are spectacular throughout, the drumming is precise with hard hitting high hats and real rock of the highest magnitude. “Distorted reality, is all that I can see”, this lyric further proves RIley’s creativity and maturity through his views on the world we live in. 

Bonus tracks on the album “Seat Of Dreams” include an acoustic rendition of the single “The Trap” which adds more emotion and less grit to the song so we can really hone in on the lyrics. “Todd” is another bonus track featured on “Seat Of Dreams” and it’s experimental, somewhat electronic intro is incredibly intriguing. As the track transitions into a full-fledged ballad, Riley once again lays his emotions out on the table for us to absorb and relate to. “Todd” transforms into a well rounded and whole hearted rock track with Riley’s impressive production skills.

The blood, sweat and tears that metaphorically (or literally) went into the making of this album are evident through the flawless delivery of every single track. High energy and consistent from beginning to end, “Seat Of Dreams” is a straight ear-gasm of musical brilliance. This album was over a year in the making and will surely turn heads in the months to come. Stay on the lookout for Riley Schmelzer’s project No Signal and his future musical endeavors!

Check out “Seat Of Dreams” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Riley Schmelzer!

Welcome and congratulations on the release of “Seat Of Dreams”!! What would you say is the overall theme of this LP?

In summary it’s a story of my life capturing experiences from age 13 to 16, the most self altering years of my life so far. A journey of self discovery.

What are your personal favorite tracks on the album? Why?

I favor The Awakening, mainly because its climaxical components, I’ve always focused on that a lot in any song. 

In the track “The Let Down”, the lyricism feels really personal, can you shed more light on the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics are mainly highlighting the betrayal of trust and hierarchy. 

Let's talk about the writing process for the LP “Seat Of Dreams”! It must feel amazing to have it released. Can you talk about some challenges you faced while creating it?

The part that I was most conscious of was the fact that I would be in charge of everything, other than my father producing and having mixers, I did write and record every instrument on the album, but I had intentionally placed that problem in my mental fortitude before I began recording the album, so it was psychological, and I had worked it out before I started recording so I could maintain a steady and persistent ethic. 

What’s next for No Signal?

I have a single coming up in support of another upcoming EP coming soon.


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