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We Lost Count of How Many Genres JLM Embedded Into New Single, "Nuclear"

Recently-turned solo artist JLM has had quite an impressive track record considering he hasn't been tackling the music scene by himself for too long. Hailing from Atlanta, JLM enjoys blurring the lines between his predominant genre styles, which creates products that are full of innovative rhythms.

The latest musical offering that BuzzMusic saw from JLM was "Nuclear," which featured artist Tylor Barder. This particular single from the artist himself is stirring, and it's more than safe to say heads will turn.

JLM intended to craft a song that could pack as many genre elements into it as possible, as he shared that he wasn't too focused on making "Nuclear" a real success. His goal was really only to construct a song that broke the boundaries many conform to artistically. We're confident in saying that JLM most definitely succeeded with breaking those boundaries, and we're only left stunned with what this artist could possibly release next.

Future work of JLM includes 3 more original releases during the rest of 2021 (and we even heard there may be accompanying music videos.)

Read the full BuzzMusic article here, on JLM's song, "Nuclear."


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