We Present The Angelic Voice Of Andi Kay In Recent Single "Colder Weather"

Wow. Wow. Wow. Andi Kay's voice is the most delicate sound we've heard in a while here at BuzzMusic. Andi sings to her listeners with sheer adoration and warmth. Once we gave a listen to her music, we knew how precious of a voice we had found! Andi Kay will easily catch the attention of any listener, and uphold that attention throughout the entirety of the song. Predominantly contributing to the progressive pop music scene, Andi Kay will undeniably excel in the musical world, captivating anyone who gives her music a listen.


We're immediately intrigued by the beat of "Colder Weather" upon listening. Andi Kay's voice is soon introduced into the single, and her voice is absolutely immaculate. The sound of Andi will pierce through your ears in the most gentle way. You can hear the sense of innocence in Andi Kay's vocal delivery, and her voice will glide across your ears like silk. When trying to compare Andi Kay to any artist out there, we simply cannot. Andi Kay's sound is incredibly exclusive, and we get literal chills when listening to "Colder Weather". We feel like we've ranted about the voice of Andienough (but have we really?), and it's undoubtedly what makes her stand out as an artist. It's an incredible feeling to find artists whose voice needs absolutely no alteration, perfect in the way it's executed. Andi Kay transforms what we know to be pop ballads, and takes it to an entire new categoric level. Her use of emotion and passion throughout "Colder Weather" will resonate with listeners, and make them feel the pure devotion presented in her music. 

Make sure to check out "Colder Weather" here, and keep reading for our interview with Andi Kay!

Hey Andi! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist!

Hello :)  I’m from a pretty small town and I’m about to celebrate my 9th month in Los Angeles come the beginning of August! I’ve been writing, playing and singing ever since I can remember. When I close my eyes, I can still feel the first time my fingertips brushed up against the cold, silky ivory keys on a piano... It’s almost like electricity darted through my bones, and curiosity as well as instinct led me to perusing it later on. Growing up in a divorced family was tough, when my parents were so different from one another. It made finding myself throughout the years nearly impossible...or so I thought. That’s where writing as well as the journey of teaching myself the piano came in. it’s cliche...and maybe that’s exactly what I am being - another songwriter surrounded by songwriters in one of the most competitive cities in the world. But I don’t care. Music frees me. It’s the only way I can separate my emotions, from my thoughts. It’s the only way I can better understand myself vs. shutting off to the world and to myself.  

“Colder Weather” had a strong lyrical presence to it. What was the theme behind this record? What motivated you to write this?

Most of my songs are about love...but I wanted this song to be a mixture of both the love and the life I left behind back home to pursue music.

The winters never seemed to end in the small town where I grew up. Though I always dreaded the cold when it came around, it brought some of my warmest memories along with it. The opening line, “A flash across the sky, frostbit laughter, some years ago December, we only begged for warmer days” goes back to when I was 14 and experienced being in love for very first time. From sneaking out to see each other when it was 30 degrees, to spending hours saying our goodbyes while our kisses were the only thing keeping us warm...we made a lot of sacrifices to make our relationship work. And even though it seemed like the cold consumed us anyway in the end, it ironically was the one thing that motivated and fueled us the entire duration of our relationship. Fast forward to the outro “A flash across the room, the camera shutters, captures first of forever, and a life I could’ve known. I walk along the stars, you walk into the rest of your life and close the door behind. I yearn, and these stars burn, like colder weather” It wasn’t until I ventured out into the big city of Los Angeles that I started to long for what I used to wish away all of those years ago. Not the love, not necessarily my old life, but the feelings & memories I associated the cold with. This part of the song is supposed to show my growth. It’s me accepting it’s not just a juvenile love i’m leaving behind anymore, but my friends, my family, parts of myself...Its me realizing the sacrifices i’m making to peruse my passion have their repercussions though it’ll be worth it in the end.

Your voice is incredibly angelic and pure. We loved the atmosphere it created! What kind of feeling do you want to instil in your listeners when they're listening to your music?

Thank you ! Honestly I want this song to be a message to everyone out there making sacrifices to pursue what their heart is leading them to do. It’s not easy, especially when you’re trying to make a living off of it. But no matter what, don’t settle. I came to California with a couple hundred dollars & no place to live, yet everything worked out because I knew I was supposed to be doing what i’m doing. So if I can say anything, make the move, take the job, do whatever it is that gives your life meaning and run with it regardless of what people say you can or can’t do!

Who would you say has shaped your artistic journey thus far? How big of an impact has this person had on your life musically? 

My mamaw. She’s been the only consistent person in my life that’s never given up on me despite the miles, struggles and weather. She’s my best friend, & I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her endless love and support. This song is for her.

Are you planning on touring at all, or have any upcoming shows we can mark in our calendars?!

I actually have my debut show at The Mint in Los Angeles August 20th! Tickets can be found on my website. I hope to see you there ! (;

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