We're Getting a Variety of Vibes With Weston Wold's "Barely Breathin'"

Weston Wold curates music that is in tune with the refreshing vibe of pop culture today. Receiving heavy elements similar to the sounding of Charlie Puth and Panic at the Disco, Weston Wold is emerging into the music scene with an interesting and eclectic pop sound. Incorporating an intriguing tone throughout his music, Weston blends together many predominant pop vocals and rhythms in order to create music that is both catchy and meaningful. Weston's most recent work has been his album "White Noise" which was released early 2019. Weston seriously made an impression on us with his latest album, and we believe his artistic abilities are showcased incredibly throughout every track. 

Throughout "Barely Breathin'" we receive an eclectic array of vocal aspects from Weston. As an artist, he's able to integrate a playful melody at some points, and then transitions into a more mature and heavy-hitting sound at others. We're drawn to the presence of Weston, and especially the presence he's able to maintain throughout his tracks. There is never one track that we didn't vibe with, and he definitely surpassed our expectations on "Barely Breathin'". We're drawn to the authentic and honest sound of Weston. We loved how real his execution is, and the insane notes he's able to reach with his vocalism. His voice will glide across your ears effortlessly. Weston Wold is genuinely a vivacious and confident Hip Hop/Rap artist that's going to make serious waves within the music community. Watch out for this one!

Give a listen to "Barely Breathin'" here, and continue reading for our interview with Weston Wold!


Hey Weston! We're excited to be showcasing your music on BuzzMusic! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist! 

I grew up in northern Minneapolis and have been singing my whole life, but really didn’t think seriously about pursuing it as a career until my sophomore year of Highschool. I had recently started a band with a couple classmates and we did small gigs at coffee houses in the local area and special school events. Around the same time I began writing my own music. Originally I had no Idea what would end up happening with those songs, but I just wanted to write. I did this until my Freshman year of college when a friend of mine told me he wanted to help me record a few songs. This is where 

Congratulations on your latest album "White Noise"! How was the overall curation process of the album?

The album took me about a year and a half to create. I had many moments where I wanted to give up and just be done with the whole project due to stress and just being unsure about the songs we were writing. I absolutely loved the recording process, but it was mentally taxing. I constantly poured myself into the lyrics recordings to produce the best songs possible. Now that the album is out, I am so happy that I didn’t give up. The reaction I’ve gotten by fans and friends has blown me away due to how they’ve responded to a lot of the problems I put in my songs. It taught me that no one has to struggle alone in whatever they may be dealing with.

What was the overall theme of "Barely Breathin'"? What kind of atmosphere did you intend to create for your listeners?

Barely Breathin’ was made to tell the story of a couple that is having issues with their relationship. In modern music and pop specifically, there’s so many break up songs that tend to be negative emotions. Barely Breathin’ shows that even though you struggle, you can always fix things if you put in the effort. I wanted to show my listeners that just because something isn’t going well doesn’t mean you should give up.

How does your music personally effect you as you an artist?

My music is a representation of me. Every song has to deal with something that I have dealt with or something that a close friend of mine has dealt with. Writing these songs has been a way for my to express my emotions and hope that my music impacts people the same way that artists like Jon Bellion, and Alec Benjamin have Affected me.

What's next for you and your music?! Any upcoming performances to showcase your latest album?

I have my debut concert in Minneapolis on August 17th where I will be opening up for Grayson DeWolfe. On August 24th I will be performing at the Minnesota state fair. I have multiple songs in the works that I hope to release in the early part of next year if everything goes well!


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