We’re Getting Sultry, Intimate and Quirky Vibes With Bleu Stroud’s Single “Hands Like the Ocean"

Bleu Stroud maintains an elegance that isn’t easily fabricated in music nowadays. Through her music, Bleu comes off as a quirky young artist who is pouring honesty and soul into her production. Her voice offers a type of twang and charm we haven’t heard in a while. We’re also really loving the innocence behind Bleu’s voice, and how soft and mellow it remains throughout the entirety of her music, never being washed out by the underlying tempo (which we’ve been seeing happening a lot in music lately). We love the sound of Bleu’s voice, and she definitely inherited the creative gene (we know the BuzzMusic community will agree once listening to her tracks). The predominantly alternative pop music scene will flourish with Bleu Stroud’s music, and we’re going to sit back and watch her music prosper with her in-the-works album, set to release in Fall 2019. 

“Hands Like the Ocean” is sultry, catchy and soothing. Blue Stroud has a voice that is pretty alluring to the listener, and we felt almost entranced in her vocalism. “You’ve got eyes like the ocean, and I’m lost in all of these emotions now”—Blue Stroud sings a love ballad in “Hands Like the Ocean”, which really melts your heart when listening intently into the lyricism. “I can show you love in a different way, I can play along and hope that you stay”—Bleu perpetuates a certain kind of yearning and reminiscent feel to “Hands Like the Ocean” and introduces a harmonious atmosphere. We’re ecstatic that Bleu Stroud is in the works for her debut album (we’re absolutely ready for some new music). The integration of various elements from numerous genres on Bleu’s behalf is risky—Bleu meshes together predominant aspects of soul, pop, country, and alternative folk into her music and the risk of blending such contrasting genres works out in Bleu’s favor. “Hands Like the Ocean” is a powerful love ballad, so get ready to feel surged with emotions after listening.

Check out Bleu Stroud's “Hands Like the Ocean’ here!

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