We're Keeping An Eye Out For Female Hip/Hop Artist Phaze3!

Samonya Robinson, known artistically as Phaze3, is an independent hip hop/rap artist who is breaking through to the music category in the best way possible! As a fairly new artist, Phaze3 releases singles that are meant to empower and raise her listeners up. We can definitely say that Phaze3 produces tracks that are robust and full of life. The beat of her tracks will pulsate in your heart, but we all know those tracks are the ones worth listening to on full blast. Phaze3 is a singer/songwriter that is an inspiration for all female artists making the music scene grow, and her music is set to inspire, always having an impactful message integrated within. 

"Don't Rattle Me" is the latest musical offering from Phaze3, and the track almost immediately goes into its excessive catchy rhythm that is held pretty much all throughout the track. Phaze3 really exhibits a sense of artistry with the power she holds within her voice. When listening to "Don't Rattle Me" you'll understand how her voice surges through you as the listener, allowing you to fully experience the extent of the aggression and intensity. Phaze3 further showcases her dynamic vocalism when both singing and rapping throughout the track, maintaining various tones in order to level the hype of the full track. Hard-hitting without a doubt, "Don't Rattle Me" will ironically rattle any listener with its surging execution. 

We're highly suggesting you check out the vigorous female artist Phaze3, and her latest single "Don't Rattle Me" here! Keep reading for the artists exclusive interview!

Hey Phaze3! Can you start off the interview by telling our readers how you came up with your stage name?

My name ,Phaze3 ,was assigned to me from heaven. I was new working in the outreach ministry as a new Minister of the Gospel, and I was feeling in my spirit like there was more about me that I didn’t know; but I felt it. I didn’t like the feeling of being lost in who I am; so after becoming frustrated with the feelings of knowing that there is something else there about me; I finally went into prayer and ask God to reveal who I am. Days later, God spoke to me and he stated , “ You are Phaze3 “. I said to God,” Ok what does that mean?” He the educated me in my spirit of the meaning of my name.Phaze3 is a name that is broken down in many parts. There are different phases that people go through in their lives and when people cross my path that are assigned to me, they are usually at their lowest points( final phase) and 

Phaze3 ‘s job is to help uplift people and get them back on track with their life with her Queen anointing,and help them with the tools of salvation and restoration by taking them through three of my own powerful phases. 

God said later to me after I had digested the name Phaze3 , that Phaze3 is , “Queen of Kingdom Glory!”Phaze3 ,is also a “,Prophetic Warrior,”who battles with the forces of the underworld. God has placed a Queen anointing over my life to lead! My spiritual Queen name will be released with the upcoming Gospel album! Glory is my Kingdom!I am Phaze3! “Queen of Kingdom Glory!” 

Tell us how you felt during the production of "Don't Rattle Me"! Did the execution of the track run as smoothly as expected?

What I loved about all the productions of Don’t Rattle Me, is that it was not a Gospel song. “Don’t Rattle Me”, is a introductory song to the powerful hardcore but sexy nature of who the Prophetic Queen Warrior is. It is also a writing challenge song for me ; because I know that I have the talent to sing and write for all genre; and the proof of that is displayed in this song. What also excited me was that it was also my first Trap beat song release; which I love Trap beats. This song has three of my personalities in it.... My hardcore side ,my soft sensual sexy side, and my dancing side. This is my first song release on the hip-hop/ rap genre; so what’s so exciting is that I can connect with other guys and girls who are in this genre trying to develop their writing, singing , rapping and dance art . I do think that the execution of this song was perfect. From the writing aspect to the mastering.

What was the most impactful lyric of "Don't Rattle Me", in your opinion?

The most powerful lyric to me that hit home with me is.... “Don’t make me take off my crown .” I say this because when a Queen has to take her crown off ; that means you have put her in a realm that she now has to become somebody that she don’t usually become; but a person that she knows that is there and she knows the capability of that person and she don’t really like to show that person;  but when you get a Queen rattled to the point where she has to take her crown off; then you are in trouble ; because now it’s war. For a spiritual Queen, my crown is my , “Helmet of salvation!” Therefore, if I take my crown off.... anything goes!

Would you say that your music is a big reflection of who you are as an artist? Do you stay true to yourself 100% within the music scene?

My music is a big reflection of who I am. I have written healing songs, because I am a Spiritual Healer; I have written, movement songs, because I am a ,”Prophet of Movement “,and now hip hop rap songs which connects with my hardcore side, dance side and a little hint of R&B side. As a new artist I feel it’s vitally important to stay 100% true to myself in my music. I truly believe that what is for you, is for you. Therefore, whatever talents, whatever art that has been placed inside of me; is very important for me to ground myself right there and elevate from what has been given to me. My music all 100% me.

What can we look forward to seeing next from you as an artist?

Omg , what can you not exspect to see from me! As long as I have breathe in my body , I’m going to give to creativeness! I’m going to give you different music flows, I’m going to give you new sounds, new art in writing and singing . I’m going to show you how you can build a music career on little or nothing. I’m going to show you what real richness looks and sound like , and show you other capabilities that an artist with raw rich talent can grow to. I’m going to show you that when you connect with real honest,committed people, how you and your business can grow. I’m going to give to you the tools for better living. You will be able to feed off everything I do and grow. So exspect growth! The Gospel album is coming up next and I will still be releasing singles for other genres.

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