We're Living for Kfir's Energetic and Fierce Music Video for His Single, "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)"

Coming in hot from New York City, the lively Pop artist Kfir teams up with Sis to release an exhilarating and stimulating music video, "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)."

Kfir is no stranger to the stage, as he's been performing and Ballet dancing professionally since the mere age of six. Not to mention performing eight shows a week in Broadway's Phantom of The Opera, we can see why Kfir takes each creative endeavor with such confidence and charisma. 

With his latest bop, "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)," Kfir brings fire to the Pop scene with help from Sis and their incredibly modern flair.

The song takes listeners into the celestials of Electro-Pop with the song's gut-wrenching synths, lively drum breaks, and upbeat rhythm. That being said, the song's music video takes the track to new and exciting places. 

The music video for "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)" opens with Kfir walking up to his sports car and jumping through its butterfly doors. As he begins to drive away, Sis makes her way in and livens the song with fiery intro ad-libs. Once the first verse drops, Kfir's delivery is truly stimulating as he rides the Electro-Pop beat with dominance. 

Not to mention the fierce dancers within the video, Kfir, and Sis takes us right back to the scorching nights in the club where we're basking in the nightlife's energy.

With heaps of voguing, death drops, and intense energy, the music video keeps our eyes peeled onto the many dancers and their tightly-wound choreography. Also noting the verse that Sis delivers, she powers through with rhythmic bars that compliment her spirited performance within the music video, snapping her fan open and giving the audience nothing but a thrill. 

Offering an ode to the club and Drag culture with his recent hit "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)," Kfir's song and music video provide striking and energetic elements that would have Mama Ru scream, "10's, 10's, 10's across the board!"

Watch "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)" here.

We can't get enough of your flaming music video for your stimulating single, "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)." Why inspired you to create such a lively song during these times?

I never create songs intentionally, my songs are always born out of inspiration like a dream or a situation that I’ve been through directly or indirectly. It’s always a process that leads to the final product from conception to delivery.

When I create concepts for my music videos, I create them either during the recording process or at the very end after I lived with the track for a while. Then, most of the time images and concepts pop into my head and if I feel like they convey my aesthetics and go with the track then I know they are right. I don't like to be too literal with my visuals because I feel it’s too boring. I knew that I was singing about a club environment, so I was thinking about how to serve that environment indirectly and mix it up with theater, film, and art.

I came up with the idea of Kitkat Klub 2020 out of the movie cabaret when I was watching a documentary about Bob Fosse. F.A.B is a club culture-inspired track so it was obvious to me that I wanted it to be colorful and diverse with its colors and cultural themes. I wanted to include everyone in that party atmosphere, our country and the world is very divided right now, with lots of negativity and hate and it was something that was important for me. It even influenced my casting decisions of the multicultural cast that represents the survival power of NYC artists who came together during these hard times to create art

Speaking on Sis' fiery feature within "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)," what made you gravitate towards Sis when seeking someone to feature on a lively track like this? What was your collaboration like?

I met Sis through a mutual friend. I was looking for a specific fiery, charismatic, and powerful artist to collaborate with. So when I met Sis it was instant. I knew that she was the perfect artist for this. After filling her in on my concept and why I wrote the track and what I was envisioning to hear in it, I sent her the track and she wrote her verse in less than a day.

Sis is a very passionate LGBTQI activist, TLM & BLM, and it was one of my intentions to give a visual and audio exposure to her as a person and as an activist. I am so happy we made this happen. It was such a great experience.

Regarding the impeccable and blazing music video for "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)," we must note the brilliant direction from you and Tom Flynn. What sort of vision did you initially have for the music video, and how did you execute it?

Tom Flynn is an artist as well. I worked with him a month before on my last music video for my song "Gigolo". After seeing his creative side, input, and excitement for that video while working, I knew that he is the perfect person to help me achieve this. We have a great working/creative chemistry. I knew that this F.A.B MV was more involved with lots of scenes, filming schedules, and a bigger crew. But when I sent Tom - my treatment as I always do he got it right away. I always create my music videos “at my desk”, which means that before any filming happens, I create an extremely detailed treatment that serves as the book that guides anyone that joins the team.

We had two separate dates for filming, the car sequences were filmed on a stormy night in Long Island. And the rest was filmed a week later in manhattan at the Triad Theater on the upper west side. 

We noticed that your music video for "Fan a Bitch (feat. Sis)" had quite the team. From the list of credits on the video, which members and what departments had a significant impact on the creation of the video? How did your team help the video come to life?

My team is everything to me from my social team to my closest team members who are my closest friends. Like my best friend and longtime collaborators Herman Payne, my choreographer, and Deon Ridley who was our assistant choreographer in this video.

Herman’s choreography and Deon’s involvement with setting it on the dancers have created the F.A.B world. Avi Edri with his makeup concepts gave us all a face and artistic vision. Tom’s light design and cinematography skills and choices helped us translate it all to the screen. I wanted to create a visual mix of cabaret, Vogue, and urban club and street feel. My friend Iggy Berlin who acted as the Klub MC is a close friend who performed with me at the Metropolitan Opera many times before.

Since I was looking to involve the House Live Matter movement in the video I had the pleasure to work with the amazing human being and artist Mailk Miyake Mugler, his kindness and vision saw what this meant for all of us so he came on board. All my dancers brought their individuality and made the choreography and characters shine. Those long time friendships and individuals brought what they felt my concepts meant for them and that's how the video looks so wholesome. I deeply cherish these people and I would never be able to do what I do without them. They get me as a performer and they get me as an artist and a person. With such creative force behind me, it opened up the floodgates to more inspiration. Above all, my friends build me as a person as well and really help me believe in myself. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

Throughout this year my anxiety, turmoil, few moments of clarity, the daily cycle of all this insecurity is what pushes me forward. I refuse to be stopped or to be diverted from my artistic track. I invested a lifetime in it and envisioned my future. I try to find inspiration in that. I do what I can. A few days ago I wrote two new demos and new material is coming. I don’t have a big record label that tells me what to do, or their budget so I do what I can when I can. The most important thing is that all my music and everything around it comes from my obsessive love for music, creativity, the performing arts, and authenticity with only one desire in my soul - to entertain.