We're Loving Bryan Lazar's Recent Release "All That I Want"!

Bryan Lazar is finally coming out with another album this fall titled "LAWET", and it's going to give listeners a refreshing sound! We're loving how tranquil Bryan is able to make his previous album sound. Bryan clearly creates sounds that are meant to resonate with any music loving heart out there. His voice is soothing, and is inevitably projected onto his execution. We're only imaging the type of atmosphere present during his performances! That kind of buzzing positive energy would be amazing to be involved in, that's for sure! Bryan Lazar only really comes off to us as an honest guy with a whole lot to share artistically. We're excited to announce his track off of his latest album: "All That I Want".

The introductory melody to "All That I Want" is phenomenal. You feel loose and relaxed. His voice blends into the rhythm as if the pairing was always meant to be. We can compare Bryan's vocal soundings to the likes of a young John Mayer. The effortless class, flow, and underlying swank that he has to his sound is comparable to some great sounding R&B/soul male artists we've been accustomed to. "All That I Want" has a soft and rugged approach to its overall mood. Bryan is able to create the perfect ambiance for listeners, and curate a beautiful and intriguing tone. What makes Bryan stand out as an artist is the undeniable charm he possess within himself, which is effortlessly projected to his sound. Bryan Lazar is the next big artist emerging into the R&B/Soul music scene, and so we're definitely keeping an eye out for what he'll be up to!

Give a listen to Bryan's "All That I Want" here, and continue reading for our interview with Bryan Lazar!

Hey Bryan! Can you tell our readers how the production of "All That I Want" went overall?!

Sure! I've been writing and recording a lot over the last 5 years, mostly from the comfort of my home studio but I felt as if I had hit a wall with my production. I'm the type that loves to create layers musically speaking and sometimes if you add a little too much, the sound starts to lose it's shape and identity. It's a lot harder to fix than one would think. I think it was a few weeks that went by and I heard a song on the radio that really caught my ear. I loved how stripped back it was while still packing a punch and keeping your attention. I thought to myself "I want to do a track like that". Simple, stripped, soulful and sexy. I was also starting to get into the serious stage of a relationship with somebody so the lyrical content wasn't difficult to come up with. Sometimes life can be a lot of fun sharing it with somebody else and that was the message I wanted to get across. I think the melody idea popped in my head while I was shopping at Trader Joes (like most songwriters) and I think I had the song pretty much done within a week or two. I sat on releasing this for a minute and finally decided to jump the gun. Super happy that I did, I think this is one of the better songs that I've ever written and I'm very proud to have this out. 

What would you say is the most impactful lyric embedded in "All That I Want"?

I really like the line "You take my hand and you let my mind see what this world has to offer me", because it's the truth. It's kind of wild how your perspective of things can be changed if you share experiences with somebody you feel strongly for. 

If someone were to only listen to one song of yours off your recent album "Old Ways Idle Days", which song would you recommend? Why is this the song they should listen to?

Hmm, well that record is THREE YEARS OLD now, believe it or not, so I definitely feel that my sound has changed a little since then...BUT my two most popular tracks are off that record (Coffee Shop, Hold on to You) and the record has surpassed 10 million streams worldwide so it really holds a special place in my heart. With all that being said, I think "Hold on to You" would be a great first track for somebody to take a listen to. 

What is the most rewarding experience you have had throughout your musical career thus far?

I've been grinding at this for a minute now and I won't lie, it can be really tough. I am completely independent and everything comes from me (music, artwork, social content, PR, etc.) so it can be pretty overwhelming at times when you don't have a team. But this year I surpassed 20 million streams worldwide via Spotify and it was a pretty amazing milestone in my life and career. It's wild to think that the things I create about the personal connections and moments in my life can be heard by somebody on the other side of the world and they too can say "hey, I get it". That never ceases to amaze me and I know that it's a privilege to be able to do so. 

Are you planning on performing anywhere in the upcoming months to promote "LAWET"?!

I am! I will be performing next month at a secret location in Venice, CA for a very new exciting Acoustic showcase that is called "Saturday's At Seven". Be sure to check them out! My show will be September 14th. I will also be performing October 1st at The Viper Room. We are in the process of booking shows for the rest of the year and next year as well, so be sure to look at for dates!

Watch out for upcoming releases and shows from Bryan via his socials!