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We're Out Here “Livin’ Life” With Master Yeti

Chi-town native Master Yeti started with a bang, experimenting with multiple genres in 2017 through family influences such as his father, who is a gifted pianist and Minister of

Music at Mount Joy Baptist Church in Chicago and an uncle who passed but left behind a well-acclaimed legacy with his left-handed bass-playing skills.

After honing his craft at Columbia College Chicago through an art scholarship, the sky was the limit for Yeti as he saw an opportunity to build his portfolio and knowledge as a graphic and web designer, which would later come in handy for the future fashion house he and his brother would create in 2015.

There was seemingly no challenge Yeti wasn't up for as he re-directed his expertise and focus towards creative design, artist development and music production and even founded his own company to house his new artistic ventures, which he aptly named “Yeti Studios”.

In 2019 an already well-rounded Yeti would release his first single, “On My Own,” which showed off a rip that he always had flow. Enter 2023: a cool 4 Million streams amassed through past songs, TikTok influencers dancing to his #LivinLifeChallenge and a flashy self-directed visual, Master Yeti isn't holding back with his new single “Livin’ Life.”

You get a real sense of an accomplished history knowing that what you hear on “Livin’ Life” is Yeti through and through, as he gives you his story, where he came from and where he is now. From his first song till now, he has stayed consistent with crisp production and vocals on full display. A resounding 808 demands your attention as soon as the beat drops and compliments the eerie sample that sails across the song from start to finish, pure fire.

Don't miss Master Yeti’s latest drop, “Livin’ Life,” available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Master Yeti, and congratulations on your latest release, “Livin’ Life”; it has been a long journey from then till now; what would you say was the point at which you knew music was the direction you wanted to put most of your focus in?

I started producing and was having difficulty getting the right artists to jump on a beat. I needed to get my beats heard, so I had no option but to get behind the mic. After I wrote and laid down my first track, On My Own, there was no turning back.

As a well-cultured artist, are there any genres you would like to experiment with that you haven't yet?

Glad you asked! I listen to all genres of music and constantly save tracks from sampling. Right now, I'm extremely eager to dabble in the pop genre. It's such a positive vibe and can reach a larger audience.

As the son of a musical family, did you pick up playing any instruments as a child?

Since my dad and great-grandma played the piano, I think I naturally leaned toward learning the piano. I learned to play by ear when I was about 7. As a child, my grandmother had me singing tenor in our church choir too!

We may be wrong, but it seems like you like Ferraris; what’s the fastest you’ve ever driven in one? (we won't tell!)

Hahaha! You are right, I've always liked fast cars. I think the fastest I've ever driven was about 100mph.

What can we expect next from Master Yeti? Is there a complete project in the works?

I'm preparing to perform on stage at SXSW and working on my first album, Yeti Season. I'm aiming to drop it in Spring 2023. The album is coming together and will showcase my versatility as a producer. You'll hear influences from Gospel, Trap, Drill, Afrobeat, and other surprises. You'll have to listen to the album to see it!


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