We Rest Our "CASE," Shuxx Mills Is Dominating The Hip-Hop Scene One Track At a Time

Bringing a refreshing sound to the Hip-hop scene in Toronto, Shuxx Mills takes an uncompromising, rhythmic approach to the music that he creates.

His sound is conducive to where he comes from, by way of the Don Mills neighborhood of North Toronto.

Not afraid to vary his sound to work with a pulsing beat, he flows effortlessly over the Iiimpala produced track, “CASE.”

Sending this bass-heavy banger through the speakers, Shuxx Mills steers the ship of this weighty and enticing single. Approaching the lyricism with swift cadences that knock down walls, Shuxx Mills provides the best of both worlds in the overall composition of, “CASE.”

As we consume the vivacious animation that he provides to listeners, we realize that Shuxx Mills is in an entirely diverse lane that only he can direct.

Whirling around the lyrical agility that cuts precisely through the beat, the downpour of flair in the sound that he offers up in, “CASE,” has our eyes and most definitely our ears. It’s hard not to recognize the hunger that seeps into the tonal distinction radiated. In fact, this track makes you want to go out and work for everything you continue to wish for. Distributing a surge of high voltage energy, Shuxx Mills emphasizes his creative landscape in a way that many can only dream of.

The manner in which he collides with Iiimpala’s production value is consummate and it is no mystery as to why he is garnering the attention that he is. With a handful of releases to date and a rapidly flourishing fan base, Shuxx Mills is dignified in leading the new wave sound he portrays in the International Hip-hop market.

Congratulations on the release of, “CASE.” With such a distinct sound that is turning heads, how did you manage to hone in on this sound as the path in which you’ll take your music?

Growing up I was always interested in the distinct sounds coming out of New York, L.A, Houston, and Atlanta, so when I started rapping that cadence was something that came naturally. My engineer Iiimpala helped me hone the sound even more and that chemistry is what brought about what y'all hear today.

What was your inspiration behind the lyrics in, “CASE?"

My inspiration for "Case" was just growing up, living in Toronto, dealing with trials & errors, and finding my own way. I write a lot and I make sure to capitalize on energies, feelings of the time, and the situations I've been through. I try to make sure anything I’m writing is relevant not only to other people but to myself always.

With “CASE,” not having a distinct hook, did you find the creative process different for this song different from any others that you have created to this date? If so, how?

Every song I make I always want to have different energy going on, I like to experiment and with the wide selection of music I’ve listened to I know there’s more than one way to come up with your creative process. With Case and a lot of my tracks, a few might have hooks and a few won’t but it’s how I want to challenge myself and show my fans I’m more than one particular song or style.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given on your musical journey?

The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to go into every session with fresh energy for the creative process and to not get too caught up in my head, keep myself vibrant and ready for the next one cause, not every song I make will be a hit and some that I might not think are hits might be to someone else, always striving and never giving up.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have a lot of music in the catalog right now that I’m properly preparing for, my newest single BUCKS is releasing in March with even more music on the way after that. In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on photo shoots, video shoots, and building content for my fans to be more engaged with.