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We’ve Heard Alternative-Pop Before, But Nothing Quite Like This! Brokecove Duo Debuts "Over It"

Brokecove showcases their ability, as a duo, to curate music that has heavy influence from both the alternative music scene, as well as the pop music scene we’re used to hearing nowadays. Their cohesion as a duo is undeniable once you give them a listen. Immediately upon hearing their music, we knew they were onto something—as if they are creating a category within another category of the music scene. The alternative pop we’re used to hearing, but with a twist that almost sounds as if they’re adding small elements of RnB into the mix. A risky move for artists to try and combine multiple predominant categories, however Brokecove had no problem at all with this task. Clearly, we’re fans of Brokecove’s music, and we’re a super fan of their latest single. 

Brokecove exhibits skill in their ability to create the typical chill alternative single we’re used to hearing, mixed with the fun and bubbly vocals and lyricism of pop music. The duo has some pretty insane vocals throughout the song, specifically right after the first hook—they can both easily sing in harmony with one another, and the chemistry doesn’t feel forced, it’s completely natural to the listener. Personally, we’re huge fans of alternative music scene here at BuzzMusic, and listening to Brokecove’s version of alternative combined with key pop elements is intriguing and different to us. Sure, we’ve heard alternative-pop before, but nothing quite like this. It almost seems as if I am listening to a ballad, mixed with the tempo and rhythms of our favorite alternative tracks. It really makes us feel at ease, giving off extremely soothing and tranquil vibes. The potency of heart and passion in this single definitely isn’t overlooked—we can feel the fiery devotion and fury in Brokecove’s voices during “Over It”. “Over It” is for sure a song you can’t be missing out on if you’re a lover of alternative beats. 

Listen to “Over It” here and get to know more about Brokecove below!

Hey Brokecove! Tell our readers a little bit about yourselves!

Hi, we are Brokecove! We are an alt/pop music duo consisting of Emily Harbord and Caesar Calimlim based around the Bath area. We met through college and have been gigging and writing songs since the start of our second year. We became a duo through having the same music tastes and basically being clones of each other.

As a duo, do you ever find that there are significant challenges in the writing process, or do you feel that you both have the same vision with the production of your music?

As a whole, we haven’t come across that many challenges when writing new songs, as we share fairly similar ideas. We believe that everyone who writes songs will always come across difficulties such as lack of material or not having enough. Since we are good friends we are able to overcome these problems as we listen to each other's ideas and no one really takes charge.

Is there anything you would change so far in your music career if you had the chance to?

As a duo, we have only been together for about a year and so far everything is going great, with 60k streams on our first single ‘Tempest’. Our new single ‘Over it’ just released in early May, and so far the feedback has been amazing! We have been on two European tour’s in the past two years and have done a gig at the 02 Bristol, which we are so grateful for. We love writing songs and gigging together and can’t wait what the future hold for us!

Who are each of your key musical influences? Personal?

We share similar music taste and both take musical influences from artists like Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler; who embody the atmospheric vibe, that we both love and try to incorporate in our music. Caesar listens to artists such as Eden as although he is an individual artist, he can create a full sounding soundscape. Emily looks up to many artists like Billie Eilish as she experiments with obscure topics and portrays them from different creative perspectives. So when songwriting we get to know our character and the story they’re telling.

What can we expect to see from Brokecove throughout the rest of 2019? Any new singles coming up in the near future maybe (we hope)?

We have 3 projects currently in the works in collaboration with other artists, one of them hopefully out soon! This summer we are performing at ‘Funk in the Forest’ festival in Wales and are gigging locally throughout. This September we will be moving to London to study music and continue with more projects to focus on building our social media presence. We plan to gig around London and take full advantage of the sources available for us.


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