We Wander Gives Us a Sense of Hope With Their Latest Single “Silver Lining”

From Mississauga, Canada, Alternative/Folk group We Wander returns with their latest hopeful single titled “Silver Lining”. The female-fronted band originally began with lead vocalist Maddy, yet expanded with the addition of Camilo Martinez on bass, Jacob Rondeau on drums and Christian Orozco on violin. Drawing inspiration from today's alternative/folk music scene, they’ve clearly established their sound with their latest single “Silver Lining”. The track brings optimism to the forefront and lets us find a silver lining within these dark days. With melodic and peaceful acoustic guitar, to the well-rounded sound of We Wander, we’re left wanting more of the talented group. “Silver Lining” opens with beautiful acoustic guitar and faint rim hits, while frontwoman Maddy takes our breath away with her crisp and polished vocals.

Once the chorus arrives, We Wander’s entire instrumental kicks in with haunting background voices and lush electric guitar melodies. All while a thumping bass line perfectly underlies the song and adds texture to “Silver Linings” alt/folk sound. With precise drum patterns and hopeful lyrics of keeping optimism, the tracks take an up-tempo turn and bless our ears with celestial violin strings. From beginning to end, “Silver Lining” serves a beautifully dynamic piece full of hope and faith. We’re only excited to see what We Wander conjures up next.

Listen to "Silver Linings" here