Wesdawg Delivers the Heat in “Popular Demand”

WesDawg released his single titled “Popular Demand” and there’s a variety of different elements to this song that had us immensely in love with it. First, let’s start with the production. The beat had a unique vibe that showcased the gritty trap & bass that many of us love, while still giving this theatrical and dramatic atmosphere. WesDawg’s flow was on FIRE. the cadence to his writing ability was catchy itself, but it was his ability to switch into multiple flows and deliver different dynamics ranging from aggression to laid-back, showing his versatility as a rapper. He blends together multiple components into one song that not many rappers have the skillset to do.

WesDawg's lyrics were witty, memorable, and quotable. There was a surprise at the corner of each line, that was delivered with a punch of intensity. WesDawg can not only generate a huge buzz due to the trendy aura in the track but “Popular Demand” shows his raw wordplay and professionalism in the way he delivers a bar that will cater well to the old-school lovers of hip-hop. We know WesDawg has what it takes to be the next IT factor in rap. If he continues to produce extravagant hits like “Popular Demand” then he is well on his way to the top of his game.

Listen to "Popular Demand" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic WesDawg! What inspired you to pursue “music”?

What inspired me to do music was my closes friends and family that had went to prison in 2010 doing the fed time. This is wild because they are still in there to this day pushing me to still pursue and make it big with my music. My family and my squad as well AS1 #IBP 

Talk to us about the creative process behind “Popular Demand”

The creative process behind Popular Demand was amazing. It took me about 30 min to actually write the whole song. Once it was written I played the beat over and over about 10x to make sure it was perfect how I wanted it. Soon after hit my engineer my dawg Russ up and we laced it. The beat was made by a good friend of mine and goes by 100keyz. 

Tell us about your lyrical approach to “Popular Demand”. How would you describe your songwriting & message behind these catchy lyrics?

My lyrical approach really comes off what I’m feeling at the time of writing the song. I feel Popular Demand is more of a statement letting people know even with haters and doubters people still asking me for new music or things like that. This is why at the beginning of the song I say “Back by Popular Demand” pretty much saying the fans want this.! 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Popular Demand” and why?

Nothing about Popular Demand was challenging honestly. Recording it and shooting a video were both dope asf. S/O to pathfinderproductions my boi Oscar and Judy.

What’s next for you WesDawg? What can we expect from you in 2020?

Honestly, I have a whole lot in store coming 2020. Me and the team are going to be launching our IBP hat brand that’s gonna branch off into a clothing line pretty soon. A lot more visuals as well as more mixtapes. I’ve done shows from Colorado to Las Vegas so now trying to get to Cali and to the east coast and soon hopefully overseas. I'm going to drop my first album as well in 2020.