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Whysohated’s Striking Afro-Fusion Music Will Have You Urging for More

Inspiring artist Whysohated recently took a leap of faith in releasing his debut single “Hotspot”, something he had been keeping to himself for quite some time. Always wondering whether he was good enough, the release of “Hotspot” kickstarted his confidence and showed his listeners the kind of fiery and rhythmic music he makes.

Whysohated keeps his home of Nigeria close to his heart and intertwined in the layers of his music. He gains inspiration from his surroundings, taking in every moment, and finding a creative spin. His Afrofusion style of music blends many different styles and sounds for an experience that is entirely unique.

The music Whysohated makes allows him to process emotions and replace negative energy with something that will leave a mark on the world. There’s nothing like a day in the studio where a good idea starts flowing and just keeps going until you’ve created something worth being proud of.

As he gathers more attention in California, Whysohated stays true to his roots and passes on energy that can only be traced back to his childhood home. His debut African style single was Whysohated’s comeback into the world of songwriting and shows what can come from just a beat and a spark of creativity.

Discover more about Whysohated here.




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