Will Wolfe Releases “Saying Goodbye” In Anticipation For Upcoming LP

Talented artist Will Wolfe is making a name for himself out of Oakland, California. Writing, playing, recording and producing everything himself, Will is currently finishing up his second LP, set to be released this October. Releasing singles every few weeks in its anticipation,“Saying Goodbye” is the first. Will Wolfe showcases the diversity in his sound and that his guitar heavy debut album did not define his sound.

“Saying Goodbye” is laced with storytelling elements that are proof of the time, heart and soul that was put into creating it. With a contemporary indie rock sound, Will Wolfe uses his expansive knowledge and obvious skill to weave through expert guitar, catchy riffs and pummeling vocals. Independent artist Will Wolfe proves his multi skill-set through the layers of instrumentals and finely-tuned vocals throughout “Saying Goodbye”. An anthem for a fresh start, “Saying Goodbye” is easily relatable depending on the listeners circumstances. With undertones of blues, soul, jazz, rock, indie pop and much more, Will has definitely avoided defining himself to one sound. Overall, we love Will Wolfe’s authentic sound and his eclectic new single and addition to alt-rock music scene!

Listen to “Saying Goodbye” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Will! Let’s talk about your single “Saying Goodbye”. What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics for saying goodbye are mostly about leaving my home town and moving on on life. I tried to capture nostalgia sonically as well as lyrically. I mean the phrase “saying goodbye” quite literally as I recorded and released this song during my final weeks of high school. It speaks mostly to moving on in life. 

How do you musical influences inspire your sound?

My biggest musical inspirations recently have been Mac demarco, tame impala, and John Mayer from a songwriting perspective. Many other artist play into my sound but i can get lots of inspiration from a single song. I focus mostly on the feeling a song captures and from there I think how the artist does that and how I can apply it to my music  

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope listeners can get many messages from my music. I try to make my songs listenable so other people can apply what I’m saying to their life. 

How has your sound developed and changed over the years you’ve been composing?

I definitely see myself using some variation in instruments. More synths and piano for sure. But we can’t ever seem to leave the guitar out. 

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you’d like to talk about?

I am releasing my second full length LP later this year and have many singles coming out from it. 


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