Wils Drops an Anthem For Partiers Everywhere With, "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)"

The Singapore Pop sensation Wils drops an ode to the stereotypical party girl with his latest upbeat single, "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)."

Although the song might come off as a mockery towards these girls, Wils made it clear that it celebrates how they live life to the fullest. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Wils' music stands strong to embrace every inch of his being and undoubtedly inspires listeners to do the same.

With his latest single "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)," Wils delivers the same upbeat and nightlife vibes as The Chainsmokers' 2014 smash hit, "#SELFIE." That being said, the modern-day electronic production gives us ambient pop elements with a dash of progressive house. With hilarious and comedically relatable lyrics, this track has banger written all over it.

"Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)" begins with a crowd of people conversing in the distance, totally setting the song's nightlife and energetic vibe. Wils noted that he's positively embracing his feminine side with this track and taking on the role of Boozybetch, the bluntest and straightforward life of the party.

The verses Wils has written are incredibly spot-on, completely embracing the party girl character and emphasizing the alpha role these women play. The production brings a sweltering club hit through gut-wrenching kicks and distant synths. Not to mention the refreshing progressive house piano, this track is truly perfect for a night out.

"Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)" serves all the vibes for anyone to get up and dance, while Wils takes it one step further by creating the Boozybetch character to deliver an ode to her sisters.

We can't get enough of the upbeat and comedic atmosphere within your single, "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)." Could you tell us what inspired you to create such a unique track?

I grew up in a toxic, masculine culture. Everything feminine in a man would be referred to as weak or gay. Growing up that way made me very self-conscious of every expression that I made. It made me display a false sense of who I was. Coming out in the United States opened up my world to how vibrant and colorful the LGBTQ community is.  There are many different personalities: some more feminine, some more masculine. I wrote this song as a way to embrace my femininity. 

You've mentioned that "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)" is a complete 180 from your usual music. What makes the song unique and different from your previous releases?

It’s the first time I took on a female persona and performed under an alias: “boozy betch”.   I wanted to have a little fun with it! This song is a joke but there’s a bit of a serious side to it too.

Regarding the production within "Basic Betch (feat. Boozybetch)," how did you infuse the song with this exhilarating nightlife energy? What was your production process like? 

I love going out for a good dance!  It’s one of the things I miss most during this pandemic!   It’s always fun to find interesting people who don’t take themselves too seriously. That was the energy I wanted to recreate with the song.  It’s about a girl who is sexual, positive, courageous, and fun. 

We've heard that since you publicly came out in 2019, multiple challenges arose for your music career. How did you face these challenges head-on, and how does your music inspire listeners to embrace who they are?

One of the biggest challenges was in the beginning when a lot of news publications chose to omit any music-related news of mine because they wanted to focus entirely on the gay angle. It was important that I be out because living in a lie for so many years of my music career was unfulfilling to my life in so many ways. But I’m a musician so I want people to talk about music, too. They’re both important parts of my life.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Nature has been keeping me really inspired in 2020! I grew up in Singapore, a concrete jungle. I never understood much about nature until these last few years in Los Angeles. It's so interesting how when you immerse yourself in a hike and just look around in nature, it brings you answers to things that you've had questions about. It’s been a difficult year for so many of us.  I really hope that everyone comes out of 2020 stronger and that they find their true callings and happiness.