WINZO Shows Us How Funky Hip-Hop Is Done With "Paradise in Between"

WINZO is a multi-genre artist who specializes in creating a melting pot of multiple elements to create an ever-evolving experience. In 2016 WINZO was in touch with DJ Ben Dragon to write and sing on the song "Funk That Bowday" which landed a placement on respected radio stations and playlists. WINZO's latest release "Paradise in Between" is an exciting, groovy, ever-flowing sonic adventure that takes you across multiple styles in a well-structured manner. The record opens up with an extremely groovy dance rhythm with sensual almost careless adlib vocals.

Every section of the song feels whole and complete, beautifully transitioning from one to the next; the pre-chorus features a hooky vocal, a massive sounding bass, and begins to introduce a solo mysterious trumpet that leads us to the huge sounding chorus that instantly would send a dance floor into moving as one. There are a lot of small details in "Paradise in Between", showing how much care WINZO put into every single sound that happens; from the soft woodblock hits, the subtle jazzy guitar hits, and exciting vocal effects this is a tune that delivers in the WINZO style. "Paradise in Between" is a song that we'll be adding to our summer playlists and playing at every party.

Listen to "Paradise in Between" here.